Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mix tape, March 17, 1998

Took me weeks to finalize this tape inspired by the all-female Lilith Fair. It’s one of a few, actually. I called this one “Lilith Lite”, as it was mellow-themed. All these 24 songs snugly make up one 90-minute tape. I always listened to it when I was busy doing illustration tryouts... I rarely listen to it now, but I still enjoy it when I do.

Sarah McLachlan
- mary
Sundays- folk song
Jewel- near you always
10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant)- circle dream
10,000 Maniacs (Mary Ramsey)- across the fields
Cranberries- dreaming my dreams
Sophie B. Hawkins- before I walk on fire
Milla Jovovich- gentleman who fell
Sheryl Crow- strong enough
Texas- put your arms around me
Paula Cole- me
Color It Red- me singing (lalala)
Kate Bush- rocket man
No Doubt- world go ‘round
Alanis Morissette- hand in my pocket
Indigo Girls- mystery
Sinead O’Connor- you cause as much sorrow
Jill Sobule- barren egg
Suzanne Vega- world before columbus
Annie Lennox- no more I love yous
Tori Amos- baker baker
Heather Nova- doubled up
Lisa Loeb- truthfully
Pineforest Crunch- french connection

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bels said...

hi there. i got here through chris. i also recently got a copy of LNA, was following its development in PULP when i used to buy the mag and i'm glad that you've finally put it out for public consumption. congratulations!

anyway, is there a way for me to borrow that tape of yours? :) i need it to inspire me as i haven't been writing anything relevant these days. maybe you could tell me where i could get one. i so totally love the lilith fair. can't find any cds anymore. :(

more power to you!