Sunday, January 30, 2005

Action Figgers!

Got a set of four JLA Series 2 action figures: Firestorm, Atom, Adam Strange and Elongated Man. I don't buy DC Direct figures often, as they have very few points of articulation, and are a bit expensive. But the sculpts and paint details are quite good. And Druid's Keep offered the entire set to me at P 800 less than regular toy department prices. My DC toys have second- and third-tier Justice Leaguers now... pwede na awayin yung mga Marvel Legends, heheh...
Thanks by the way, McPiglet, for bringing me to the shop and carrying my box of goodies last night. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yes, I do

The Silencers

Well I want to paint your picture
With that great look in your eyes
And I want to write a song so gentle
It could make you cry
I want the world and all its charms
And nothing else will do
And Hey
I want you

Well I want a roaring city
And I want a healing sun
And I want a magic wilderness
Where we could be as one
I want the world and all its charms
And nothing else will do
And Hey
I want you
I want you

Well I want to be your soldier
And I want to be your friend
And I want to be your dancing fool
And dance you till the end
I want the world and all its charms
And nothing else will do
And Hey
I want you

Friday, January 28, 2005

Pain, will you return it?

"Every single person down there is ignoring your pain because they're too busy with their own."

--Buffy Summers to a nerdy kid with a rifle (Season 3, "Earshot")

Dazed and confused...

...but not really. Just confused. Been tired lately. You know that feeling when you wake up and suddenly realize that the previous day didn't end up as nicely as it should have? I hate it. HATE IT!


Despite feeling bad at the start of the day, I feel optimistic that things will work out. At least I try to feel optimistic... gotta start somewhere. Oh, I got nice feedback for LNA from TV director and Duda/Bathhouse actor Andoy Ranay that cheered me up. He texted:

"Hey, just finished reading your comics... it could be a good material for a sitcom or a film. Very Western. May hidden anger yung mga characters. I hope the Filipino readers would appreciate such a progressive endeavor... Very real! I like it! :)"

If you're reading this, thanks again, Andoy! You're the first person to point out the repressed anger part. I haven't seen Bathhouse yet, but I will, promise!

By the way, Max, if you've stumbled upon my humble blog, hi! Thanks for the encouraging letter. And thanks for posting my cover on your blog. I hope you can fill me in on what you said about it though. I only know a few French words. :)

Okay, that felt good.

Hope, hope, hope.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ark Navigant

Pencil drawing, Dec. 1998 (Click image to enlarge)
The Ark Navigant is an androidette tasked to pilot a specific mothership. One of many minor characters in my sagas.
Hmm... the drawing is already six years old. Posted by Hello

The Gatekeeper

Mixed media, Feb. 2002 (click image to enlarge)
It was one of those rare times when I knew exactly how a character would look, from the odd fusion of monster parts to the earthen color scheme. Posted by Hello

The Preservers

Pencil drawing, Feb. 1999
This team is mostly composed of celebrated superheroes' kids, kind of my take on the whole teen/ next generation group trying to prove themselves worthy of their predecessors. Like offspring of Hollywood celebs or politicians. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wise Words for the Mushy

Eh. Just feeling sappy. Lyrics that keep playing in my head lately:
“All I ever wanted was to feel the way you feel. All I ever wanted was the chance to make it real. And I’m in love with you…”
--Dirty Vegas, “Ghosts”

“Don’t you know that I can make a dream that’s barely half-awake come true? I wanted to say, but everything I could’ve said, I felt somehow that you already knew.”
--‘Til Tuesday, “Coming Up Close”

“And we’ll blow away forever soon, and go on to different lands. And please do not ever look for me, but with me you will stay. And you will hear yourself in song, blowing by one day…”
--Suzanne Vega, “Gypsy”

"Forget that our time is almost up..."
--Gin Blossoms, "As Long As It Matters"

Boy Retro

This was taken when I was about half my age now. The constipated grin was due to the fact that my die-cut book of superhero pin-ups (for a subject called Creative Design) was given a special award. Or special mention. Or something. I forget. I just cringe every time I see it in my cabinet now. Gack.

Around this time, I first heard the music of Lightning Seeds ("All I Want"), Sarah McLachlan ("Vox"), and Jill Sobule ("Tell Me Your Dreams") over a radio station called Power 105 BM FM.

Ah, happy and carefree times. But it was also a period studded with major disappointments. Mostly, it was a time when I was figuring out who I was and what I really wanted to do with my life.

God. I barely recognize this person anymore.

Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sexy Lexy Update

Just some quick thanks to the following people who talked about Lexy, Nance & Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll:

There are nice reviews of my book online by Vinnie Simbulan (, Jan. 10, 2005), Elbert Or (, Jan. 5), and Carl Vergara (, Jan. 6). Carl's is a partial review, as he's only seen my 18-page first act (the Pulp installments) that's also reprinted as part of my 68-page book.

Thanks to Vives Anunciacion, whose review appeared in Inquirer Libre last January 17. He doesn't normally review non-movies for the free paper, but he generously made an exception. Thanks to Entertainment section editor Romel Lalata for letting him.

Thanks to readers Brian a.k.a. Otistik, Philip, Glaiza, Neil, Bocceli and Jagard for sharing some wonderful thoughts. I'm flattered and happy that you found my comic book world and its denizens appealing on different levels. Thanks also to Ian Carandang, Francis Alger, Karl De Mesa, Ricky Olivares, and Philippine Star contributor Jonathan Chua for lending their support and texting me about the book.

To all the others who purchased and read my work... SALAMAT!!! Please tell your friends (and their friends' friends) to buy copies. But make sure they're not minors, though...

Also, my endless thanks to Super! editors Pam Pastor and Tim Yap for using my announcement in the Jan. 8 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Thanks also to Mr. Felix Cua. LEXY, NANCE & ARGUS: SEX, GODS, ROCK & ROLL is now available at DRUID'S KEEP. It’s the new hobby shop located at the third floor of the GATEWAY CENTRE in Magallanes. They have a nice selection of comic books and action figures. Please do call up the shop first at landline # 854-5332 if it is open (the store is closed on certain days).

The comic book is still available at all COMIC QUEST stores (Megamall landline: 634-1291).

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Perseus Gorgonslayer, the Headmaster

Pen and ink drawing, Nov. 1999 Posted by Hello The erstwhile hero was once a feared beheader of monsters before he was mystically corrupted. Now an enormous entity that subsists on knowledge, memories, and secrets, the Headmaster sends his space-faring servant--the Headless Steedman--to gather the most intriguing minds (and faces) the galaxies have to offer.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Empress

Pencil drawing, July 2000 Posted by Hello The Empress, a Japanese demigoddess and member of the Earth-based Cavalry, possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the power of flight.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Donar Wodenson, Storm Deity

Pencil drawing, June 2000 Posted by Hello

Dug up one of my older drawings. Donar is one of the minor characters of my old Scarab Impetus story. He coexists with at least a dozen other rain gods in my universe. Click on it to see the details. Will post other (old) artworks soon.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Hahaha...I don't get it

Was supposed to use this as my profile pic...but the request failed because of some broken link. Argh. Must try again later. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A girl, a piano, and lovely music

This is a song by Pulp Magazine's managing editor Peach Abubakar, a.k.a. Isha, from her debut album Time and Again. The CD contains a few jazzed-up covers (Madonna's Cherish and the Go-Go's Head Over Heels, etc.) and a number of her originals. Check it out! It's very much worth your P 280. People who like the independent, folky-pop ladies of the Lilith Fair will most definitely love this gem.
words and music by Isha
(Candid Music Ltd.)

once i took the road most traveled and i loved him
he offered me his dirty room and some books to read
at first it was beautiful, the way we both thought so differently
but time laid bare who we were and what we really didn't want to see

soon we were fighting
he fell into lying
the nights were full of crying
this love was slowly dying

my life with him is just never the same
sometimes all is forgiven, sometimes one of us is to blame
my life with him is all broken and in flames
only the record of the pain has remained

i tried, i tried, i tried to keep this love alive
like a caterpillar plucked from a tree and kept in a bottle for everyone to see
i tried, i tried, i tried to smile and make amends
but after all has been said and done
how can we ever still be friends?

and my life with him is just never the same
the soft skin of our love now lies shattered in the rain
alone in my room i'm the only one to blame
while a tear away he looks in the mirror and sees my face
don't go, don't go, don't go now
but i guess you have to leave
so i can live

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Singing "Pretty Good Year" in my head

2004 was a very busy but fulfilling year for me. It started quite slowly, as I had to adjust to certain transitions, work-wise. But it gradually became a nice balancing act between writing press releases for a real estate developer and writing entertainment articles and reviews. Brief periods between coverage assignments for either of the two were spent illustrating my self-published project.

It was a distinctly memorable revolution around good old Sol: Last year encapsulates a time for personal victories and creativity. It was definitely better than 2003, which was virtually a daily emotional rollercoaster. 2004 had its ups and downs, but the disappointments were, thankfully, more manageable.

2004 introduced me to a bunch of really nice and talented people, some of whom have become friends. As a freelancer-mercenary, doing different but somewhat related jobs has exposed me to a host of diverse and artistically inspiring people. I have been given opportunities that some people may find cool; I consider them work challenges that keep me on my toes. It’s great that I’m able to do stuff that I never saw myself doing years ago.

Like interviewing celebrities and creative people behind the scenes. I was able to do phoners (and articles) with people like actors Ethan Hawke, George Eads and Julie Delpy, jazz-meister Jamie Cullum, and songwriting genius Diane Warren. I also personally talked to, and wrote about visiting artists such as Pixar animator Gini Cruz Santos and foreign pop musicians like the Russian duo Smash!!, Aussie boyband North, The Brazilian girl group T-Rio, and Yankee troubadour Joshua Payne. Of course, there’s the lively and ever-evolving local music industry: I had exclusives and round-table interviews with emerging or established artists like the Akafellas, Isha, Kitchie Nadal, Paolo Santos, Nina, King, Bituin Escalante, Dimsum, Jay-R, and 8th of March. Directors Joey Reyes, Lauren Dyogi, Cris Pablo and Andoy Ranay also imparted riveting insights about the local film and television industry and other, more personal matters. And yup, artistas Piolo Pascual, Heart Evangelista, and Rica Peralejo were interesting interviewees, too.

The year was largely defined by meeting or talking to these people and a number of fellow writers and artists. I have often declared to friends that I have no hero worship (which makes the job easier—I treat my subjects and colleagues as equals, as much as I can), but interacting with a lot of people last year, whether they be in the limelight or not, has definitely inspired my artistic side. I’m always thankful for that.

Releasing my own comic book two days before Christmas was a nice and fitting way to end a very productive year. It’s a crash course on the rudiments of printing, distribution, and marketing, and it’s a continuous learning experience that I’m grateful for.

2005, good karma and the gods willing, will be my year again.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm serious, baby

McPiglet says I'm still sporting the same hairstyle... Posted by Hello

Monday, January 03, 2005

Woke up and found a nice surprise...

...and it didn't involve sex. But, well, it actually does. "Sex...", I mean. As in my work, if you still haven't been bombarded with my plugs all over this page. Seven-time Palanca winner (tama ba? Jeez, that's a LOT) Dean Alfar endorses my stuff in his latest blog entry (Jan. 3, 2005). :)

A very picturesque review

ProGay Philippines' president Edgar Oscar Atadero emailed me last Saturday about the next Pink Festival event, as well as my recently released comic book (I put his brief comment in my previous post). He emailed this lengthier and very vivid review just hours ago. I dunno where he's posting it as of this writing, but I'd like to share it anyway. Thanks, Mr. Atadero :)

Lexy, Nance & Argus: SEX, GODS, ROCK & ROLL
... a Bittersweetness Comix by Oliver Pulumbarit

a review by Oscar Atadero

JUST hot off the DIY (do it yourself) firmament comes now Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll, the bound collection of Oliver Pulumbarit's ruminations on pop queerness serialized in Pulp Magazine 2001-2002 plus material previously unpublished.

Seemingly a semi-autobiographical probe into Pulumbarit's apocalyptic musings about his alternating childhood abductions by alien superheroes and religious homophobes who both waged epic battles for control over his psyche, SGR&R paints a seamless terrain of wet dreams faintly recognizable to our lost generation of jologs cyberqueers.

In a series of callcenter-state-of-mind vignettes reeking of day-old pizza, the barely dysfunctional trio of gay boy Lexy and his roomies, Nance the nymphomaniac bisexual and straight-to-queer comicbook writer Argus embark on a journey into odd deconstructions of catholicism, libog and marriage. Along the periphery lurk their assorted lovers, gangbangs, a straight psychic who dies a hundred deaths, and yes, our reliable assortment of pedophile priests, manangs and Malatephiles hellbent on total world domination.

So escape into the caffeine-induced hypnosis that SGR&R evokes. No “elitist art house poseur” would be compleat and astig this year without being seen flipping through its nonchalant irreverence. You really must first be a fucked-up bag of high-school prom jitters to appreciate SGR&R, but failing that, at least have one for a relative.

This must-read how-to guide for better queer living can be purloined from Comic Quest at SM Megamall, SM North and Festival Mall Alabang.
Oliver Pulumbarit is a freelance writer and artist whose entertainment reviews, feature articles, and illustrations have appeared in MTV Ink, Chemical, Men's Zone, Moist, Pulp, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Lexy, Nance & Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll

Available now at all Comic Quest outlets!

Here cometh the blurbies:

“I love how you carried the story through and pushed the gay agenda with honesty and flair. Your art and storytelling here reinforce my deep admiration for your work. Very good! Thanks for the great read.”
--Dean Alfar, Siglo: Freedom, The Lost

“…A social commentary and a poignant but entertaining look at pop culture… I love the fact that the gay characters have no hint of stereotype in them. You made them real, believable, and most importantly, lovable people. And this is something your readers will thank you for.”
--Arnold Arre, Mythology Class, After Eden

“I found the characters very interesting and very distinct. I like the dialogue and pop cultural references…”
--Budjette Tan, Batch 72

--Gerry Alanguilan, Wasted, Ochlocrat

“… A surprising piece of fiction with a unique storytelling approach… Several rereadings are a must.”
--Benedict Bartolome, Free Spirits

"The missing love-child of Chasing Amy, Broken Heart’s Club and Reality Bites... this is one comic you should not miss! Or show to close-minded, ultra-conservative people you may happen to know, live with or hide from."
--Tobie Abad, Diliman, Love and Heartbreak

"I couldn't put it down... After reading everything (including the acknowledgment page!), I feel as if Lexy, Nance, and Argus are in my room, talking and breathing. Congrats!"
--Jojo Nones, contributing writer, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“…I noted the highly filmic storytelling format of ‘Gods...’…”
--Edgar Atadero, president, ProGay Philippines

“…Really great piece of work... I loved the dialogue and how the characters were fleshed out... it's like they're real, everyday people. Your writing and storytelling styles remind me of Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World... but more unconventional, cutting edge and in-your-face! I was hooked.”
--Julius Oliveros, Filipino Comic Book Portal

Read my book!

I'm pimping my comic book once again. :) Posted by Hello

Still figuring out how this works...

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Hehh...I'm blogging...

Testing....yeah... Happy New Year, everyone! Another blogger crowds the net.