Monday, May 28, 2007

After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

Rolling Thunder

Oh, what a week. Summer Oh Seven’s done, but it still gets so fricking hot when it’s not raining. And when it’s raining, it doesn’t stop. Ugh. My emotions were as messed up as the weather the past few days, but I managed to juggle work with play, so I’m okay. I’m able to unwind a little and tune out stuff like termites, infrared home inspection systems, and showbiz assignments when I’m not working and writing about them. And I know that I felt my self-imposed vacation was over last week, but I was able to slip back briefly into my “alcoholidays” (a word coined by Beer Guy that Benedict admittedly hates because it’s clever and he didn’t think of it). I didn’t do anything moronic while slightly inebriated at certain times this past week, I think, so everything’s good.

I finally saw the Heroes season-ender, and I just had to take down Suresh’s narration by the end of the episode, which I felt connected and summed up what I was feeling about my direction for most of the month:

“So much struggle for meaning, for purpose, but in the end, we find this only in each other: our shared experience with the fantastic, and the mundane; the simple human need to find a kindred, to connect, and to know in our hearts that we are not alone.”

Cool, cool. I think that just described my whole summer. It was strange that fellow blogger and old friend David, whose review I finally read a few hours after I watched the ep and transcribed those words, also quoted them (but we punctuated it differently). More on the episode in a bit.

No Fate But What We Make

And so, on to some endings. Spoilers ahead.

52- After one year, the comics series finally ends and has some big revelations about the post-Infinite Crisis re-setting of reality and this so-called “New Earth.” I really like how many of DC’s books have that contemporary, modern feel to them, but I’m not sure how to look at their characters’ histories because I don’t know which happened for real this time, which events were erased, which continuity gaffes were fixed, etcetera. Hypertime, Zero Hour, Crisis, Countdown… It’s confusing to really think about it as a whole.

But that said, I enjoyed this series a lot. I was touched to see Ralph and Sue Dibney reunited at last. I loved Renee and the Question’s shared journey, as well as Black Adam’s descent into madness. Yeah, the World War III spinoff series fixed other things rather rushedly, but this main title was a well-handled yearlong experiment that nicely developed characters that didn’t seem interesting before, at least to me. Good, meaty mainstream reading.

Heroes- Some like it, some loathe it, but the season finale of “Volume One” was just okay for me. Well, after much buildup, it's the prophesied catastrophe episode. Or is it? We finally get to see an expected last-minute change of heart, and some cliffhangers concerning four pivotal characters. It was a little disappointing that Mrs. Petrelli seems like she’s being groomed as an Irina Derevko-like character, in that she’s this cold and calculating old creep after all, but well, let’s hope it’s done well next season. Mr. Bennett, whom I assumed was the show’s main bad guy in the first few episodes, conversely, has proven again that he’s actually on the side of the angels. His first name is finally revealed as Noah, not so subtly implying that he may be instrumental in gathering together the superhumans in the near future.

A possible big bad is hinted at by the Caliban-like tracker kid Molly, so that might be something to look forward to in terms of new foes.

And again, Peter and Sylar meet up, and beat each other up quickly (Pete lands four punches). But that climactic battle, which involved the other supers, was really short, and could’ve looked smoother. Now that all the surviving characters have met up, though, I hope season two will bring them and the concept into new territory (previously unseen in TV, comics, or elsewhere).

Legion of Superheroes- You know, this is no Justice League Unlimited, and it’s not as gritty or focused as Batman Beyond, but it’s not a bad animated series at all. Young Clark Kent time-travels to the future and becomes a valued member of the 30somethingth century’s premier superteam. It’s fun, at least most of the eps were, and the season finale, where the team tries to stop the Sun-Eater, is especially cool. The particular sacrifice in that episode may not come as a surprise to people familiar with the pre-Crisis Legion, but it’s nonetheless effective and sad.

Torchwood- I finished this a while back. All I can say is, wow, that’s the gayest scifi show ever. No kidding. This kinda feels like a weird melding of The X-Files and Angel, so it’s periodically campy, and also treacherously dark. But the show is geared for a more mature audience, so it can get extra-kinky, sometimes. This is a spinoff of Doctor Who, which I really have to see soon (it’s a tossup between that and Battlestar Galactica, but we’ll see, maybe I can watch alternately). The openly gay Captain Jack Harkness first appeared in that series. Torchwood gets puzzling and crazy from time to time, but it’s something unique. It was quite entertaining to see the first season focus on these mysterious new super-science agent characters. I liked Ianto the bi-boy the most, and that was one moving kiss in the season finale.

A Dream That’s Barely Half Awake

I’m ending the post with lyrics once again, this time by Aimee Mann and her great ‘80s band ‘Til Tuesday. First discovered this six years ago, and it’s gotten renewed meaning and sentimental value to me since. Am loving it more than ever, as it accompanies this period in my life appropriately. Ah, I'm feeling strangely fine.

Coming Up Close

One night in Iowa, he and I in a borrowed car
Went driving in the summer, promises in every star
Out in the distance I could hear some people laughing
I felt my heart beat back a weekend’s worth of sadness

There was a farmhouse that had long since been deserted
We stopped and carved our hearts into the wooden surface
We thought just for an instant we could see the future
We thought for once we knew what really was important

Coming up close
Everything sounds like “welcome home,” come home
And oh by the way
Don’t you know that I can make a dream that’s barely half awake come true
I wanted to say
But anything I could’ve said I felt somehow that you already knew

We got back in the car and listened to a Dylan tape
We drove around the fields until it started getting late
Well I went back to my hotel room on the highway
And he just got back in his car and drove away

Coming up close
Everything sounds like “welcome home,” come home
And oh by the way
Don’t you know that I can make a dream that’s barely half awake come true
I wanted to say
But anything I could’ve said I felt somehow that you already knew

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Seventeen, Been Through It All

Boys do fall in love. Or something.

Lookit that. I was a barely legal college “jock.” And I had cool hair. That jacket was from my senior year in high school. It must’ve been cold and rainy back then; otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered bringing it. I didn't wear it often.

The cropped pic below, meanwhile, was taken during a family gathering, Medya Noche, if I’m not mistaken, back in the day. Ah, the era of the instamatic camera, a time when people actually put their one-hour developed, matted pics in actual plastic-sleeved albums. Found these two pictures in separate ones a few days ago. I kind of missed how light I must’ve been, and how I was able to get away with a lot of mistakes back then. But only briefly.

This second pic below (click on image to enlarge) was taken a few months after the one above, and I distinctly remember that it was one of the worst years of my life, but my personal deus ex machina came just before it ended. So I’m looking kinda relieved, albeit less innocent, in that picture. Still, things were much, much, simpler, and I kinda miss that sometimes, but again, only fleetingly. I’m stuck in the here and now--make that happily stuck in the here and now--where people who matter prefer me as I am.

I like my old hair, though. I got into new wave just a year before, and I must’ve emulated some of the bands’ hairstyles subconsciously. Also, I know I only wore that in the house, but my god, the shorts.

I was amused for hours two nights ago, just looking at a bunch of college pics, as well as those from my “lost” years, eras in my life that felt like a blur, for one reason or another. I remember voices out of those photos, familiar words that resurface and romanticize the good times. And, as I was looking back, I wonder what other people I know now must’ve been doing back then, and how their lives were unfolding, parallel to mine.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank You Clarity

Strange Love
Meme time! Gibbs tagged me:
“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!”
6 Weird Things About Me!
1. I do phone interviews on my bed (I work on my bed!), on my tummy, and with all my notes spread all over. It’s the comfiest way for me to do it. I’m glad that I don’t have to work elsewhere and dress up when I’m doing articles and press releases. I’m barefoot and practically just in my underwear, with the electric fan aimed, full-blast, at me. It feels good to just not shirt up while working, especially during these summer months. Sorry for the mental image. Only three or four of you can appreciate that.
2. I have a rattan chair near my bed where I put some of my assorted things, and stuff I don't know where to put. It’s been that way for about two years. See the pic below. I’d play with those action figures, pose ‘em and stuff, but after a month or two, I brush off the dust and put them in my toy shelf. Maybe the weird thing is, I don’t clean it as often as I should, so it gathers dust. There are scraps of paper and plastic on that chair that need to be organized or disposed of. Although I did arrange my things yesterday and those toys are now in the shelf.

3. The three sports I excelled in were dodgeball (grade four), softball, and arnis (college). I suck at all the other sports equally. I don’t like basketball, and it was embarrassing to even recall how awful I was at it. Hey, I was young and was trying to fit in.
4. I have low Emotional Quotient, as a friend pointed out just a few months ago. I must’ve failed a marshmallow test as a kid, or something. I open up and read comic books while I walk sometimes, or look at comic book spoilers in forums. But I’ve managed to wait for the actual issues. I still get surprised. Sometimes, I have the compulsion to complete a Marvel Legends set so soon after they hit the stores.
5. I don’t feel the need to join family reunions, or other gatherings like relative’s birthdays, or weddings. I guess that’s pretty normal for me. I’m just not into it. There are some okay people there, but I’m not really raring to go and meet up with them. That’s just how I’m wired, I guess. The standard interrogation questions, those involving marriage, financial stability, and weight gain are not my idea of a good time, either.
6. Sometimes, I obsess over people and things that are unworthy of me. Of course, that statement sounds sourgrape-y, but, yep, it’s a coping mechanism. Enough said.
Tag, Pam, Max, Carl, Jason, and Cams. You’re it!
Buffy and Brandy
Went through my Buffy and Angel CDs and watched five or so random episodes last night. Checked out some really memorable parts too. I’m reading the new Buffy comic book series, the official eighth season, so it got me into looking at the series and its spinoff again. I can still sympathize with Xander in “The Zeppo,” feel Cordy’s anguish in “The Wish,” and get entertained by post-Sunnydale Andrew’s antics in the Angel ep “Damaged.” It’s rare for a TV show to have such a large roster of likeable characters, but Buffy and Angel had those you can truly love.
After some time, I finally gave in and opened the brandy bottle I was keeping and drank while watching. I just did so directly from the bottle like the stereotypical drunk. After drinking about two inches off of the contents, I began feeling drowsy, and it kind of enhanced the agitation I was feeling just hours earlier. Slightly depressed, I decided to stop, and kept the bottle. Beer Guy advised not to drink alone, as he always does, “because alcohol ain’t good that way.” Well, just say when, Beer Guy. Anyway, the brandy tasted okay, and its warmth and somewhat fizzy quality felt like superminty mouthwash, but it kinda tasted like vodka mixed with cough syrup. The alcohol content made me feel heavy in no time at all.
Boy, Interruption
Hah, I just discovered my old student’s log book from way back. I was 14 and in my sophomore high school year. Holy jeez, I was a young overachiever! It’s strange, I’d forgotten about most of the contests I joined, but I folded pages and wrote down on those dates that I won in:
July 22- St. Benedict Poster/Slogan-making contest (2nd Place): I came up with “Ours to Fulfill is His worthy mission, for Glorification, Redemption and Salvation.” I think I won a “Footprints in the Sand” plaque, or something.
August 31- Career week: Nation Rebuilding Poster/Slogan-making contest (rank not written): “If you strive to be the best, anything’s possible. A nation will rise anew.” Wow, I don’t remember what this is at all. I must’ve drawn buildings and a sunset, haha.
November 9- Drug Abuse Prevention Poster/Slogan-making contest, Muntinlupa (1st Place): Of course, my winning entry had a young guy who was active in school and sports. It was colorful! Heehee. I remember then-Mayor Ignacio Bunye handing me my prizes, which were, if I remember correctly, P300 and a gold medal. I so wanted to give part of the money to my adviser but she politely refused, and was probably amused by my awkward expression of generosity.
November 25- “My Country” (special award, or something): I remember that this got me a nicely sculptured wire trophy, which was shaped like the line doodle of a dove. My oslo-sized drawing was exhibited at an art gallery in Paranaque whose name escapes me. Of course, the drawing had comics-inspired sensibilities, and had the usual patriotic elements collaged together--People Power I, the farmer on his kalabaw, a dove with an olive branch, the Rizal monument—all bursting forth from the Philippine flag’s rays. Naturally, the blue and red parts are in the background. Gawd.
January 31- “The Role of the BAS (Benedictine Abbey School) Family in the Peace and Progress of Our Nation” poster-making contest (rank not written): I don’t remember what this is, but I think this contest was held during the Santo Nino festivities.
February 12- “Kapatiran at Pagkakaisa: Kalayaan ang Muling Pagbangon ng Ating Bansa” poster-making contest. (1st place): Oh my god, this was held at La Salle Greenhills. I wonder where Benedict was during that time? Heheh. I think, as soon as I got home, I sheepishly told my mom, “First place.” And I remember reading a bunch of Marvel comics at the supermarket soon after.
March 24- Recognition Day (Gold Medal, overall art award for the schoolyear): After the ceremony, my parents brought me to the nearby McDonald’s outlet. Yeah, I know, but it was new then and it hasn’t sprouted into hundreds of branches yet.
The next year, I just won one award for an interschool art competition held at La Salle Alabang, and the year after that I think I won in about five school contests. I didn’t have any awards or anything in college, as I was too busy experiencing life as a horny boy.
Halos puro jugjugan lang ang nasa isip.

Friday, May 18, 2007

When My Dreams Just Move Along

The past few weeks have been fun and surreal. It’s like I’ve been able to let go of some responsibilities and burdens from time to time, which is good for someone like me. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to certain things, so this past month or so has made me feel like I’m fun again (if I ever was that). It feels like I'm 17 again, but in a different way. But the vacation, I think, has ended. I’m back to this reality again, back to worrying about things that have to be done. And, whoa, it started raining just now. How freaking symbolic.

Not that I wasn’t really doing anything; I was working in between exploring and researching, so I’m all good. I guess I just loosened up a bit, and I'm seeing some things more clearly now. There are other things to regret too, but nah, whatever.

For the past eight or so days, I’ve taken in different kinds of alcoholic beverages, and I must admit that figuring out my limits was exciting. I can handle it up to a point, I discovered, but well, party time’s over. Today, I’m not feeling good, because of some things that have come to my attention, and others that need to be done. I’m glad I’m not drinking now, while I’m feeling this way, as it might lead to something I might regret. But I must admit that I’ve been quickly imagining the taste of beer in my mouth, probably triggered by assorted stimuli right now, so I’m also missing it. But, no, I don’t need to drink, at least not today, and not when I’m this way.

I’m signing off with the words to a song I’m rediscovering (Kate Bush’s cover of “Rocket Man”), and the lyrics of another that I’ve been aching to hear over and over again (Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Folow You Into The Dark,” which I first saw performed in “Conan O’Brien” last year). Love, love, love.

Ah, summer, you bittersweet bitch.

- - - - - - - - - -

Rocket Man

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour, nine a.m.
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife
It’s lonely here in space
On such a timeless flight

And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no
I’m the rocket man
Rocket man, burning up his fuse up here alone

Mars ain’t the kind of place you raise your kids
In fact it’s cold as hell
And there’s no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science I don’t understand
It’s just my job five days a week
A rocket man, rocket man

And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no
I’m the rocket man
Rocket man, burning up his fuse up here alone

- - - - - - - - - -

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Love of mine
Someday you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark
No blinding lights or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of spark

If heaven and hell decide they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no’s in their vacancy signs
If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

In Catholic school, as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
And I held my tongue as she told me, “Son, fear is the heart of love”
So I never went back

If heaven and hell decide they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no’s in their vacancy signs
If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

You and me
Have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
And the soles of your shoes
Are all worn down, the time for sleep is now
But it’s nothing to cry about ‘cause we’ll hold each other soon
In the blackest of rooms

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the Grasp of Dusk and Summer

We All Look Like We Feel

Marky Beer Guy, his co-worker and I were at Swiss Deli Friday night to watch Mozzie play. Another band, Kaze, performed before them, and they were also good. Their music is Celtic/pop-rock-inspired, which I find really interesting, plus they had a violin among their instruments to add that folky feel. Cool! Wait, flashback, I remember those talented Conservatory of Music students playing with their fiddles just across our building back in college, and man, that truly is one sexy instrument. Anyway, Mozzie had a keyboard this time and I like that it was used to accompany that heartfelt, haunting ballad Pam sang (sorry, I dunno the title!). It was a fun acoustic set; I had some beers and ate some tasty pasta while they played. Benedict very briefly dropped by to hand some CDs that I had him rip and burn for me (Burn for me baby! Sorry, can’t resist putting that in). He had to leave and catch some z’s for the anime event in Cubao (where he would later win Best Male Cosplayer for his Bumblebee costume, so congrats McPorklet!). After Mozzie’s set, there was a guy who was a comedy act; he didn’t sing but he was funny just playing with the guitar and telling personal anecdotes. He was followed by a solo singer, Marge, and her gifted guitarist. Some time later, almost everybody was singing along to the repertoire of power ballads and rock songs, and Mozzie’s “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” cover. It was fun, it was crazy, it was a night unlike any other. And I woke up the next day, in the afternoon, with what can only be called a hangover. My first ever. Ow.

Seen the Future and It Will Be…

With very little time left, Hiro and Ando must find a way to return to the present and save New York in Heroes. So, more spoilers for those who’ve yet to see it. Love this alternate future story! Kind of reminded me of the Buffy episode where Sunnydale turned into Bizarro-land. While this What If/ Elseworlds-ish episode was really exciting; it’s not totally unpredictable or anything, but it showed some of the coolest things. Kickass Five Years Later Hiro! Claire the engaged brunette waitress! Peter’s scarred face! Peter dating Nikki! Peter versus Sylar! But crap. Like in the episode where Sylar “killed” Peter, their fight here was so short! It was very cool to see them confronting each other, with glowy new powers, but their big fight scene happened off-screen. Surely some of the episode’s budget could’ve been allotted for a lengthier special effects scene? But it was nice to finally see the different characters interact. Wow. A few eps to go before the season-ender. Utter coolness.

Stuck Between a Place and a Hard Rock

Around eight people were eating at the resto where a friend and I spent my gift check prize for his birthday meal last Sunday. It was strange, because I haven’t seen it that spacious and un-peopled before. We had the waiter calculate the amount we were spending while we ordered, as it’s a one-time gift check. The food was totally unhealthy but, damn, it was superfugging yummy! We were able to get a big platter of nachos with cheese and the usual garnish on it. We had a huge, huge serving of “appetizers” (three thick spring rolls, salad, hash browns with bacon bits, big onion rings, and fried chicken slices and chicken wings), as well as a macaroni and cheese plate with sliced chicken toppings. Yuuuuummmm. We also got pina coladas (woohoo, liquor!), and a vanilla shake. There was still some amount remaining so we ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries for takeout. Heart-stopping, but tummy-filling. Oh, and I finally got to see how Kim Carnes looked like, as the elevated TV’s in the place showed her old “Bette Davis Eyes” video. And while eating, I discovered an awesome song by John Mellencamp, “Walk Tall,” which had a video that was unforgettably touching. So, so lovely.

Freestyle in Trance

Fooled myself into believing that I can handle three different alcoholic drinks and not feel anything different. But I found out that it was a mistake to finish three in a row without really pausing, when you only had two hours sleep. It was election day; after voting at the old public school (my, the candidate list is populated by a few turncoats and the same old characters), I headed to the nearby convenience store for some booze and soft drinks. Got home and sampled the next ones in my tasting agenda: San Mig Strong Ice (“a high-alcohol, ice-filtered brew that hits your senses in a way that no other beer will”), Kristov Vodka Cruiser (raspberry flavor, I think it tastes like Tempra, yikes), and Colt 45 Premium Strong Beer (6.5% alcohol). I felt the combined kick not long after finishing ‘em, and I randomly played a CD (which turned out to be an Underworld album). I felt myself getting numb and unusually giddy, like I was aware, but not totally there. I wrote a text message about it (which I hope I didn’t send to anyone): “World’s spinning & techno aint helping & I wanna write about this shit hehe jesus im hard haha ok wait im getting all heavy on my bed think I’l nap a bit” ...Holy crapper. Anyway, the next day, I tried out a Carlsberg and a Lone Star Light, which sorta tasted the same. No weird out-of-body jaunt this time. Hmm, my “research” continues.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Squeeze, Sigh, Twinkle in Your Eye

Had a Beer, Now I Hear You Calling Out for Me

So that’s how it tastes like.

They served us brandy in wine glasses during the end of a press lunch. The event was for the launch of a new TV series, a local Amazing Race-ish reality game show to be aired over cable. It was a nice coincidence that the series is being sponsored by a popular liquor brand. I reluctantly joined a contest that required participants to rummage for dogtags on the floor while blindfolded, but well, I’m glad I did. Each member of our hastily formed team, made up of people from different publications, won a P2500 gift check that can be spent at the cafĂ©-resto where the event was held (so there’s a nice birthday dinner for one of my friends, soon).

But again, the brandy. I like it. It had a distinct slightly sweet taste and aroma, and it felt warm and tingly as I drank it. Nice. The busboys were picking up a few untouched wine glasses as soon as the event finished, so I felt a little sad that they were going to waste. But just as I was leaving, Mrs. V. and her kids handed me a bottle of the supposedly “better,” premium stuff, still boxed and bagged in a small beige backpack. Excited, I immediately texted Beer Guy Mark. We’ll be sampling that brandy soon, one of these days, when we’re not working. Giddy.

Went to a grocery near the jeep terminal before heading home. Like last time, I bought two caffeine-free softdrinks and a can of beer. Got a Red Horse Extra Strong, which I soon guzzled down while showering (I know, John sez that sounded real porny). That tasted and felt nice. A few days before that, I drank San Mig Light, which was just okay. It didn’t taste any different, but the label says it has less calories than the regular beer. Also, last week while watching Veronica Mars, I drank a Smirnoff Premium Black Ice vodka mixed drink. Beer Guy texted last night, probably proud--or a little worried?--that he “created a monster!” Heheh…

Well, I can handle it. And I haven't really tried downing several at a time. I’m trying to differentiate one brand from the other at this point. So becoming an alcoholic isn’t bloody likely any time soon (I know cautionary tales in the form of relatives, friends’ relatives, and Party of Five’s Bailey Salinger, and to a lower degree, Marvel’s Tony Stark and Carol Danvers). Maybe it’s a phase. I dunno. Maybe I’m getting into it partly because of the weather (I’m downing maybe over a gallon of cold liquids a day because of the heat), and also because of curiosity. Was never into it, but now, yeah, I’m starting to dig it.

By the way, “I had a beer and now I hear you calling out for me” is a line off of Tom Waits' “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You.” How apt. I’m not falling in love with alcohol, at least maybe not yet, haha, but I’m discovering that I do like it, so far.

Tried out a Heineken Lager Beer earlier this evening. That one was just okay; it mostly tasted like some of the other brands. I’m drinking a San Mig Super Dry as I’m typing this. “Clean, clear taste,” the can says.

Ooh, yessiree. Me likey.

Mozzie-rella Cheers

Mozzie Gig!

Catch the band this Friday, May 11, 8-ish, at Swiss Deli, Pioneer Street (near Globe). They got new originals! Not sure if it’s an acoustic gig or not. But I’m curious how they sound plugged. That’s P200, with some part of the amount consumable. Go watchy!

It’s Animal, Animal Magic

Yep, The Logans are a clawful

This group shot was inspired by a temporary team of Exiles (from Tony Bedard’s fun run) composed of Wolverines from different dimensions. Oh, I just noticed that I don’t have the brown costume Wolvie (which was the coolest one in my opinion) and the Weapon X Not Really Nekkid version. Speaking of action figures, one of my favorites appears unmasked below. Yep, that’s Benedicky sans the helmet-mask, posing near a four seasons decoration thingie. The pic is dark enough to obscure his secret identity. Heheh…

Meet Your Storm

Song intermission. Am loving this old song by Vienna Teng. I included it in a compilation I gave to friends early this week. I’m just feeling it after some interesting conversations and reflections about my--and other people’s--turning points.


we’re here where the daylight begins.
the fog on the streetlight slowly thins
water on water’s the way
the safety of shoreline fading away

sail your sea
meet your storm
all I want is to be your harbor
the light in me
will guide you home
all I want is to be your harbor

fear is the brightest of signs
the shape of the boundary you leave behind
so sing all your questions to sleep
the answers are out there in the drowning deep

sail your sea
meet your storm
all I want is to be your harbor
the light in me
will guide you home
all I want is to be your harbor

you’ve got a journey to make
there’s your horizon to chase
so go far beyond where we stand
no matter the distance
I’m holding your hand

Spider-Manic Depressive

Spoilers. Yup, Stan Lee's appearance in the movie made me and a friend shudder. It’s gotten distracting since X-Men 3; he just sticks out these days. But what made me chortle was when the non-entity butler suddenly handed out important, heart-changing information to Harry Osborn, just like that! Also, the forgiveness theme gets uber-killed, as Sandman and Peter Parker’s separate dramas get unduly over-complicated and overly sentimental. Everybody hurts, yeah, but you just don’t feel that done properly here. How sad. And also, I was hoping that Venom would have a cooler, monstrously augmented voice. But he still sounds like Eric Foreman from That ‘70s Show. Bummer. And as far as the misbehavior angle is concerned, at least Superman, when he went “bad” in his forgettable third movie, he got some implied, off-screen action. Here, one of the ways symbiote-influenced Spidey behaves badly? He takes advantage of his neighbor’s generous servings of milk and cookies! That’s not even a metaphor. Sap.

Friday, May 04, 2007

However Long I Stay

Typically normal summer week. It got a little weird in some parts, but it’s great that I’m mostly able to rest and stall with work a little. Not a lot of things worth mentioning except, perhaps, how Spider-Man 3 got weird, story-wise. But I can watch it one more time. Hm, what else to blog about? Oh, oh, I gotta mention this before I forget, I just saw the video Gerry made for the Komiks Congress (which sadly, didn't show it). He interviewed me and a bunch of other indie creators for that last Feb. I’m glad to be part of it even if I only appeared briefly.

Hey, I can write about that MRT trip last Monday afternoon. The train was fricking packed, as in everyone’s personal spaces have overlapped. You’re almost intimate with people you won’t even dream of humping in a million, zillion years. But there was one person that was the exception… um, I’m shutting up ‘bout that now. Well, yeah that was really uncomfortable, and I just hated that there was this other person who was breathing--exhaling warm air--down my neck for the length of three or four train stops. Guuuhhh. I doused the back of my neck with alcohol as soon as I got out, and washed it after with liquid antibacterial soap.

Anyhoo, back home, things are pretty normal. Been listening to stuff I ripped from my own CDs, and made mix CDs with a pop-folk-rock roster. Will give them to some friends when I get the chance. Watched a new Veronica Mars ep last night (Weevil got fat! Lamb does the robot!), and I’m just stunned at some “oh my god, that’s so simple, it’s clever” moments. Been barraged with new videos, including cool ones of Dashboard Confessional and Snow Patrol, and listened to a borrowed Angels and Airwaves CD, which is way awesome. Almost every song by the ex-Blink 182-er, Tom Delonge, sounds like a pounding, multi-layered new wave anthem.

Also been feeling creative and ambitious lately, like I wanna make my own movie. But not really. I’d rather make my own comic book again, where I have absolute control over everything. Haha, I’m a damn control freak.

Whatever Words I Say

I’m also feeling like gooey mush again. At least, tonight I am. The following part of this post is kinda, sorta inspired by Alanis’ “Unsent” and Midge Ure’s “Dear God,” but it’s not really about anything heavy. It’s the stuff I’m hoping that certain people get to read some day. But this ain’t a rant post. I think I’m now at this point where I’m looking at my life from the outside, and trying to appreciate it more. Like I said, gooey mush.

- - - -
Dear Mom,

I can’t begin to imagine how occasionally hard life must be for you. Well, I guess I can speak for the other kids when I say that we’re here for you, even when it doesn’t feel like that sometimes. Oh, and thank you for that history book seven years ago.
- - - -

Among our classmates’ works, your words in the school magazine appealed to me the most and your gift for that was one of the things that inspired me to write. I’m assuming you’re still writing, wherever you are. I'd make you a Friendster testimonial, if you're in there.
- - - -
Hey Joe,

Remember when you read my palm a few years ago? It’s creepy, but the stuff you mentioned have become true. I still believe that I hold the future in my own hands, but damn, that’s some strange talent you got.
- - - -

Thank you for talking to me and expressing interest in my work, and also for asking me about the definitions of words that sound alien to you, from time to time. I’d like to think that by reaching out, you’re trying to say that you’re proud of me, and also, of the person I’ve become.
- - - -
Dear Cams,

Hey, glad that you’re recovering. Get some more rest, and just think about people and things that really matter. You’re not alone.
- - - -
Dear __________,

I got the Christmas card many years back, but I guess you understood why I didn’t wanna respond anymore, and maybe complicate things with your spouse. I hope you’re doing great over there, though.
- - - -
Dear __________,

Aba, nag-skinnydipping. Plano mo yatang maging Leonardo Litton. Pero sige, keep it up.
- - - -
Dear ___________,

To borrow from Jackson Browne, “Please don’t confront me with my failures/ I have not forgotten them.” And to borrow from Heather Nova, “Nothing heals me like you do.”
- - - -
Dear future Oliver,

When you read this some time from now, I hope you’re good and are happier than ever. I hope you’re dealing with people better, and that you’ve grown to treat those dearest to you more fairly. I really hope you’ve gone past your doubts and fears, and that you’re finally working on something that’s giving you a different kind of satisfaction, while still doing other things that keep you on your toes. Oh, and I’m optimistic that the sex is still great.