Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

I love Across the Universe. Saw it last Wednesday. I’m still gushing.

What a week. My life’s undergoing major changes. I so lack sleep. And there are things that need to be done. But I count my blessings.

Oh. Speaking of songs and love, here’s something that got published last Feb. 13 in PDI-2bU.

Soundtrack of my love life
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit
2bU! Contributor

As someone who’s perpetually lovesick, I happily respond to certain songs that precisely flavor intimate moments of my life. They’re not all traditional love ballads or sentimental sapfests, and each has a particular line about attraction or devotion that honestly speaks and appeals to me. Sometimes, the lyrics, in their entirety, speak about romance as I see it. I posted a blog entry last July, “Fool for Love,” which listed my favorite saccharinely or artistically worded pop and alternative love ditties. I narrowed them down to about two dozen.

The list has changed since then; this is more or less a definitive rundown of songs that reflect my current thoughts and mood. I’ve loved some songs since I was a teen (and they still apply amazingly to my situation), while others are new discoveries that succinctly capture words that I always wanted to say. They remind me that trough the years, I’ve learned that love can stop, begin again, and can’t truly be measured properly.

1. “Love Is Strange,” Everything But The Girl
“After you’ve had it, you’ll never want to quit.”

2. “I Want You,” Silencers
“Well, I want to paint that picture with that great look in your eyes.”

3. “Love You,” Primal Scream
“Maybe our communion shall prevail.”

4. “Found,” The Beloved
“Your smile is like the ocean, your kiss the seven seas.”

5. “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” Lick The Tins
“Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?”

6. “Show Me Heaven,” Maria McKee
“I’m not denying. I’m frightened as much as you.”

7. “I Need You Here,” Color It Red
“Now it’s late and I feel older, having lost so much to you…”

8. “Truth and Bone,” Heather Nova
“If I could only lose myself, I would lose myself in you.”

9. “The Flame,” Cheap Trick
“You were the first, you’ll be the last.”

10. “Love In Your Eyes,” Soraya
“You have raised me high above any love that I’ve ever found.”

11. “Drops of Jupiter,” Train
“Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?”

12. “As Long As It Matters,” Gin Blossoms
“Forget that our time is almost up.”

13. “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You,” 10,000 Maniacs
“I had a beer and now I hear you calling out for me.”

14. “Screaming Infidelities,” Dashboard Confessional
“I’m missing your bed. I never sleep.”

15. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” Death Cab For Cutie
“No blinding lights, or tunnels to gates of white, just our hands clasped so tight.”

16. “Strong Enough,” Sheryl Crow
“Lie to me, but please don’t leave.”

17. “If I Am,” Nine Days
“I wanna be with you forever, if tomorrow’s not too late.”

18. “In Your Eyes,” Peter Gabriel
“The light, the heat, I am complete.”

19. “Here’s To The Night,” Eve 6
“Don’t let me let you go.”

20. “Will You Be There In The Morning,” Heart
“You’re my obsession, my addiction, my drug.”

21. “In Demand,” Texas
“Now I’ve got someone who cares for me; he wrote my name in silver sands.”

22. “Crazy,” Icehouse
“You’re the one sure thing when I get lost in the game.”

23. “Better Love,” Londonbeat
“I was driving home, the morning after with the taste of you still on my tongue.”

24. “River,” Joni Mitchell
“He loved me so naughty, made me weak in the knees.”

25. “Hallelujah,” Jeff Buckley
“Remember when I moved in you, and the holy dove was moving too? Every breath we drew was Hallelujah.”

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lova, You Shoulda Come Ovah

Accidentally in Lova: Francis, TJ, me, Marge, Mark, Harold, Diday

Photo by Aldwin (thanks, man!). Me and the Stratworks peeps. Love 'em. These pics were taken after the Lovapalooza Frost Fest last week. Had to change into that shirt because it wasn't cold at the reception area (I wore the I Am Legend shirt with sewn-in long-sleeve extensions, which was perfect inside the Tent). Anyway, these people are fun to work with. And the Lova event was cool too, even if it got hectic at times. Got a bag of goodies... that Crystal Frost toothpaste sure is nice. It gives me enough CloseUp confidence to make out with anyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love and Lust in TV Land

(Published Feb. 16, PDI-Super)

By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Fictional people have been written to reflect some of reality’s more complicated relationships, especially in some of the better-written TV shows. Love, lust and all the things in between can be entertaining and addictive narrative hooks. They can be explored thoroughly, if done just right. These characters pursue what they want, and if some of these examples are any indication, there’s a different thrill in the supposedly illicit. Well, here are some memorable fantasy TV hookups, breakups, complicated relationships and couples, in no particular order:

Veronica Mars first season boyfriend trouble was easy to follow, as she’s torn between rich kid jerkoid Logan Echolls and rich kid weirdo Duncan Kane. She also has a chaste relationship with the hot new Italian cop, but it was one of the show’s best moments when she unexpectedly locked lips with Logan, someone who’s almost her exact opposite. Hawt.

Titus Pullo, Rome’s rogue centurion, loved the slave girl Eirene from the get-go. He treated her with uncommon respect. Sadly, he went berserk after discovering that her heart belonged to a fellow slave. It was rewarding, however, that Eirene and Pullo found that rare connection eventually, before the amoral warrior-woman Gaia entered the picture.

The Jenny-Tim-Marina triangle of The L Word was developed well, however predictably. When lesbian restaurateur Marina met the similarly well-read Jenny, they hit it off fast. They soon repeatedly fool around behind the back of the latter’s boyfriend, Tim. But, wait, Jenny still fancies guys! Yep. Bisexual.

In Queer As Folk, among the most intriguing storylines was the breakup of the longtime lez couple Melanie and Lindsay, caused by the blonde’s unexpected attraction to an artist. A guy! This was foreshadowed over a span of episodes, but the eventual tryst was still surprising.

Also in QAF, college boy Justin abandoned his bedhopping soulmate Brian Kinney for a sweet and gifted violinist. The inevitable discovery by Brian and his succeeding devious machinations to mess up the new lovers were excellently executed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always had affecting romance arcs and moments, but the Buffy-Riley-Angel confrontation back in the fourth season was among the best. It was priceless when the Slayer’s vampire ex Angel and current soldier beau Riley first met face-to- face under less than pleasant circumstances. Ah, that Buffy and her alpha male admirers. Angel mocking Riley in front of Buffy: “You sleep with this guy?!” Zing.

Super-double agents Julian Sark and Lauren Reed from the series Alias were formidable as separate threats, but together, they made life hell for her husband Vaughn and his ex-girlfriend Sydney Bristow. The villain team-up was just wickedly cool.

The implied occasional pairing of Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones in Torchwood was a stunning revelation. Everyone knows that Jack’s into guys, but Ianto? After his whining and mourning in the episode where his girlfriend-turned-killer cyborg nearly snuffed the Torchwood agents, who’d have thought?

24’s Jack Bauer and Nina Myers, ex-lovers and eventual arch-enemies, gave the show an interesting dynamic during the early seasons. It was especially mind-blowing when their enmity escalated.

Everyone saw it coming. Heroes’ Claire Bennet, cheerleader with regenerative powers (and daddy issues), just had to fall for West, the classmate with potentially freaky secrets. But the young super-lovebirds’ relationship felt natural, and one that you just had to root for. Too bad the other love angles in the second season felt too contrived.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Frost Perched Onna Town

With young thang Gerald at the Lovapalooza event. Interviewed him and some celebs.

Thanks to my bro, who lent the camera. Was able to take a few pictures before the battery died. To view the other photos, just visit the Multiply site.

It was damn cold there at the NBC Tent. You can practically feel your testicles freezing. Well, it was the "Lovapalooza Frost Fest," after all. Fun Tuesday night, I was able to drink four vodka cruisers while working. Lotsa hot people in that cold place. Thanks to my beerchugger pal Markywanna for sending me, by the way.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Birds, Balls, Bush

Spent late Wednesday afternoon birdwatching at Southwoods’ golf course-bird sanctuary in Cavite. We were accompanied by knowledgeable avian experts, who happily talked about certain species inhabiting the area. I enjoyed some whispered double entendre-ish jokes--about birds in bushes, breeding grounds, stray balls and swallows--by friends and occasional co-workers Lester “Soundfactory” H. and Mark “Markywanna” P. They were pretty hilarious, if you’re into that guttery kinda thing.

Attending that event was fun; I rode a golf cart, met new people, admired some rocking violinists, loved the food, and had a glass of red wine. And not necessarily in that order. Well, there was work too. After the fun trek across the sprawling, refreshing golf course, we had to go to another part of the site to attend a phase launch. I was noticeably giddy at the van, and jokingly told Mark (my bartending friend), “Do we have to? I don’t wanna!”

We had to interview the property developer head, and attend the tree-planting ceremony (above, thanks for the pics, Lester). For the latter part, we just had to plunk those baby trees into pre-dug holes, so it was done with pretty quickly.

Shaira Luna’s a charming, intelligent girl, as expected. She told us that people mention that old TV commercial she did for that kids’ health drink everyday. She’s a photographer-writer now, and she covered the event for another broadsheet. She thought that I was a quiet guy, because she spotted me covering that Taichi event at UP last year, looking serious the whole time. Well, to her surprise (and possibly, dismay, heh) last Wednesday, I proved that I’m far from quiet and serious. That’s because of the company, mostly.

Mark was a quick learner; he took to driving our golf cart in no time at all. He’s still a funny guy, the workaholic insomaniac. It’s great that he’s handing me stuff to do. I’m glad to help out, and glad that he trusts me enough to do the assignments. I kinda owe this fella for another thing too; he was my bartender-babysitter last week. He looked after me when I zonked out after ten beers. Anyway, I think we’re comfortable with mocking each other now. But I like his big ideas. He’s just that kind of person. And it’s always nice to hear him speak lovingly of his son, Noah.

Lester, meanwhile, is very knowledgeable when it comes to music. He’s making me a mix CD, a compilation of songs drawn from, well, other mix CDs and some of my old albums. It’s so strange and cool to discover months back that we went to the same university and graduated at the same time. He was in the old yearbook all along! We were just in different colleges. We eventually became Pulp and MTV Ink contributors (he did CD reviews; I did my initial Lexy run and a few music and comics reviews). That was about six years ago. I only met him last June, after he messaged me that he’s “a fan” of “my fab series.” I blush.

Had a blast, guys! And yeah, love the free binoculars! Wow, it works.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cookie Tosser (Or, ‘Me, Mozzie, and Mmm, Beer’)

Crazy and fun Mozzie EP relaunch/pajama party last Friday evening. For me, it kinda got a little too crazy. Where to begin? The day started pretty tensely; I had to wake up earlier than usual to phone-interview someone for a publicity article. That person had to back out at the last minute, but was replaced soon enough by another interviewee. So I did that; it was quite easy to write, actually. An old friend from high school suddenly called up, while I was in the middle of doing it. He and I met up nearby later and chatted about some goings-on in our lives. Had to rush after an hour because traffic was getting heavy by 4.

After an hour or so, I’m in Makati. Got a check, finally. Waited for Marge and Mark to finish, and hung out at their office for a while. Got to talk a bit with their co-workers Zane (sweet, smart Zane!) and Char (this girl knows good movies!). Marge, ever the darling, also said hello and sat down with me a bit. Lotsa intelligent people at that place; they looked quite busy (digression: oh, I met up with Lester the day before; he used to work there as well). I dunno, I felt kinda tense again by that time, and a little hungry. I just sat by the waiting lounge and later, the smoking area balcony, when no one was there. The view was nice and the air was cooler. By the time Mark and Marge finished, it was past 8.

Fun moment en route to Katipunan: Joni Mitchell’s “River” played, and all three of us just sang along, each of us stopping every few lines to praise it or mention anecdotes about the song and the singer. For whatever reasons, some of the loudest parts we sang were the lines: “I’m gonna make a lot of money and I’m gonna quit this crazy scene!” and “I made my baby cry.” Brilliant, brilliant song, that.

Got to the place some time past 9 and we soon got pizza, sisig and beer (yay, free food and beer!). Kaze performed a rousing set, which included an awesome celtic-rock rendition of Heart’s “Alone” and ohmigod, a cool and edgy cover of the Spice Girls’ “Two Become One!” They were followed by a good ska band whose name I can’t remember right now. Sweet! By that time everyone was dancing, and/or jumping, including me. Another band, Top Junk (I think), followed. Damn, it was a great night for good music and musicians. Had about maybe six beers, at this point. Rollie, star photog and nice fella, took a candid pic of me. I think I was sitting down and feeling my body reacting to the booze.

Finally, Mozzie. Woohoo! Cool to finally sing along--well, actually, in my case, I was yelling along--now that I know the words. They actually made New Kids On The Block’s “Step By Step” cool! That was an unexpected cover. Wish “So Bad” got played though. But it was still typically fun (I want the full-length album now, Mozzie!). By my ninth beer, their set was over. And I was slumped face down, on the table. I was clutching the pajama shirt (is that what it’s called?) that Pam generously handed earlier. Felt Mark tug it away from me about three times, and he whispered that I should shake off the dizziness, pronto.

Dunno how long I was that way. In my head, I was ordering my body to handle it, to control the alcohol, but all I could feel was an urge to just surrender. I eventually stood up, walked rather zigzaggingly to the rest room, and just tossed my cookies. So icky and unsexy. I’d rather not go into detail. Good old Mark was alternately teasing me and helping me out. “Amateur,” he said (among other things), while handing me two glasses of cold water. I washed my face and hair, for all the good that did.

I apologized to Pam and Mark minutes later because I felt like I failed, somehow. But they were nice and cool about it. Mark loaned me cab money; I actually had more than enough to take a taxi home. But I took it anyway, because I was too out of it to refuse. Will give that back soonest, dude.

Very few hours of sleep, a near-empty stomach, and beer, I discovered, added to a recipe for disaster. As soon as I got home, I bathed, and just crashed on my bed. Three hours later I woke up with one freaking headache. Two hours after that, I barfed again. I was able to catch some z’s, and felt sober enough to leave for the other office, to pick up something for an assignment.

So that was that. I had fun. This overgrown kid-at-heart did learn something from it. And to John and Dicky, no, I’m not troubled or anything, thanks for the concern. I just had to unwind, and that did calm my nerves. I just overdid it, I suppose. Worry not, boys.

Whew. Whatta night. Thanks a bunch for the awesome party, Mozzie and friends!