Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Precious Time, When Time is New

I’ve been looking to the past again, probably my way of gaining insight and divining my direction for the future. I’ve been especially reflective lately, partly because I grew a conscience again, and also because I need to regain control of my life. Not that I don’t have that, it’s just that I’ve been enjoying things way too much lately. Just had some health checkups, and thankfully, there’s nothing majorly wrong. Whew.

Ah, the future. I fear you, somewhat, but you've always been here.

Blood Makes Noise

Speaking of looking back, I'm half-amazed, half-aghast at stuff I drew about ten years ago. Dhampyr, written by Alamat’s talented David Hontiveros, was something I illustrated at a time when I was feeling entirely different. I did that during a period of anxiety, and looking at it now, there are portions of it that show how restless I was back then, at least to me. I remember it was launched that Halloween, and was even featured in a short segment by the midnight show Business and Leisure (where the female voiceover pronounced it as “dam-pire” instead of “dam-peer”). It was at Synergy in Glorietta; I don’t know exactly where it used to be, but I remember that it was an arcade and the place was packed. I look at that comic book fondly; some pages surprise me now because of some technically impressive parts, while others make me cringe and wince because they look real icky and unfocused. I can admit that now, at least.

(Pic above from Budjette’s phlog)

Babes in Boyland

Again, I’m no stranger to feeling uncertain about my future, about what to do next. And even when I can say that I’ve matured in a lot of ways since then, I still feel anxious and restless once in a while.

As part of my ruminations, I’ve just been looking at old photos, writings and drawings, as well as profile pages and blogs of friends and strangers. These trigger connections to old feelings and mindsets, and I don’t know, they make me remember how good some things were back then for me. There’s almost always that realization that things may never feel the same way again, but there’s the hope that there are still things worth exploring and enjoying. I can only say so much here, and I’d rather treasure some experiences off-blog, yeah. Hah, cryptic much? Well, to quote a friend, that’s the way I’m built. Not that anyone cares, of course.

Oh, this image below was scanned off the contributors’ page of March last year’s issue of Icon. Yeah, that’s me, and I was surprised the girl at the extreme right, Ana Marie, was there too. Anyway, turns out that she’s the sister-in-law of the magazine’s editor in chief, and she wrote about a restaurant. Coolness. I’ve often wondered how some people--at least those old classmates without Friendster profiles--are doing, and how they’ve grown. She was my seatmate during fourth grade, and was really kind to me especially since I was a new student that year. I think I had a crush on her for a while. That thought kinda weirds Benedict out, because coincidentally, they have the same surname.

Two years ago, I remember him yanking me by the wrist through Club Government, that party place where Icon’s launch was held, to drop off a bunch of Lexy’s for review. Cool but crowded place, that; not at all Queer As Folk-y decadent, but I’ve only been there once, so I dunno how it’s like on normal days. Met most of the staffers there, as well as some old friends and acquaintances. Interesting crowd, too, gay boys and their faghags were dancing to the thumpa-thumpa, while some people were just milling around and looking lost (but so ready to get it on).

Hmm, I checked the archives; I wasn’t able to write about it. Must’ve been preoccupied or something. But yeah, it was also good that I was able to contribute something to the mag many months later.

Soaring Tumbling Freewheeling

Finished the two-hour pilot of Battlestar Galactica. Man, that was depressing. But the show’s actually good, except maybe for the space battle effects scenes (while technically well-rendered, they feel rather cold and drab). I hesitated to watch the next episode because I didn’t want to feel sapped, but the more bearable running time made it easier. It was tense; the human characters on the show are constantly on the run, after the deadly Cylon robot “race” eliminated billions in a barrage of nuclear attacks. It’s kinda heavy, but I’m interested to see where it’s heading.

But I didn’t get teary eyed over it at all as I did over scenes from L Word and Veronica Mars episodes that I recently watched. Sigh. Sometimes, you just feel some of these fictional people’s pain more than you do those of reality’s, which is, I know, sad and a testament to brilliance at the same time.

Shining Shimmering Splendid

Just wanted to post two paragraphs that were omitted from my published review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday. I’m thankful, of course, that it got printed, but because of space constraints, parts were edited out. These were the two paragraphs that were originally there, just before the last one in the edited version. Spoilerish, for those who’ve yet to see it:

- - - - - - - - - -

This “devourer of worlds,” Galactus, isn’t seen as the ornately armored humanoid giant, and will probably be a huge letdown to longtime comic book fans. He’s a mass of cloudy energy here, and is reduced as a one-dimensional plot device that’s supposedly holding the Surfer’s homeworld hostage. Oh, the Surfer’s cool, by the way, despite the very limited information we get on his character. He’s motion-acted by Doug Jones (who previously appeared as the fairy-munching monster in “Pan’s Labyrinth”), while Laurence Fishburne supplies his majestic voice.

The resolution is too dependent on his change of heart, however, and it doesn’t show the Fantastic Four as a force to be reckoned with. They should’ve outsmarted Galactus, but in their darkest hour, all they could do was hope that their problem gets solved for them. One member bites the dust temporarily, which sends the Surfer switching sides in the quick, oomph-free final conflict. But the team should’ve fought this climactic battle themselves, with high-tech guns and gizmos a-blazing. But we don’t see that happen. Bummer.

- - - - - - - - - -

Monday, June 25, 2007


The komiks article I submitted to the Entertainment section of the paper is finally out today. Here's the online version. I sent that a couple of months ago. I'm thankful that they were able to keep its length. Space is hard to come by these days in that section. To Mrs. Luming Coching, Regie Ravelo, Carl Vergara, and Gerry Alanguilan, thank you very much for helping out, and for your patience. I dunno which pictures made it, so please grab a copy of the print version soon.

Also, I'd like to clarify something. A pair of sentences in the first paragraph of the published/edited version reads: "The medium thrived, enjoying a diverse audience. But it is slowly vanishing from the newsstands." I originally wrote, "This medium thrived and enjoyed a diverse readership until it slowly vanished from newsstands in recent years." I mention this because I know for a fact that komiks currently aren't being sold at sidewalks or other places that sell newspapers and other publications. So that sentence should've been in the past tense all along.

But these things happen... and, well, I still love my editors. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Me and My Jekyll and Hydeness

Two Stars for Arms Like Orion

Arms hurt. I think I went overboard with lifting weights yesterday. John and I had complimentary gym passes, and we were quite satisfied with about three hours of workout time in that classy enough place. Treadmilled and used a few of the lats-arms exercisers, so I now feel muscle pain every time I move or raise my arms. Yowtch. He enjoyed the sauna; wish I tried that too.

Last Saturday was Toycon at Megamall. Got me a classic Donna Troy figure (from the Infinite Crisis set, series 2), and a Tim Drake Robin (from the DC Superheroes line). Later in the evening, Dicky won People’s Choice and Fudge’s Favorite awards for his transforming Brawn costume, so congrats, you. Thanks also for this pic above with the life-sized Justice Leaguers.

Five and Up

If I traveled back in time and met up with you, I wonder how much of what I’ll tell you you’ll believe. I know that you don’t care about the future, not yet anyway, but if I tell you things about it now, how differently would your life end up?

Well, I’ll tell you what I know about you, anyway. You’re only concerned with very few things, like your robot cartoons--Voltes V, UFO Grendaizer and Mazinger Z—but they’ll be gone in a few months. Not to worry. You’ll forget about them and follow other cartoon adventures, especially Paul in Fantasyland. You’ll be playing with Lego for the first time next year, and you’ll want to study more because you just love asking for--and getting--toy rewards. Not long after that, your mom will buy you your first comic books from National Bookstore’s Edsa Central branch. But for now, you’re happy with just running around and playing in that big pile of sand outside your house.

Oh, by the way, you’ll be leaving that all-boys school in three years. How different would things have been if you stayed there? Many of your classmates will be studying there until they’re 16. That’s old for you, I know, but you will grow and change, too. It’s not that big a deal. You’ll leave that school and you’ll forget about your life there. You’ll think about the kids you considered friends and imagine how they turned out, many years later.

But there will be other friends. One of those is chasing the priests’ pet sheep at his school’s garden right now, while another of your future confidants had just been born. It’ll be a long time before you meet them. The others, well, you’ll be crossing the street, or walking in the supermarket, and they’re there. You don’t know it, and neither do they, but years later, you’ll meet them for real and you’ll be drawn to them. You may’ve met some of ‘em already.

There will be times when you’ll be sad, but when you’re much, much older, you’ll accept that the world isn’t perfect. You already know that it’s not. People will fail you; you won’t know what to believe. But that won’t last. When you’re older, there’ll be others like you. You’ll be talking and asking a lot about life. You don’t believe that now, because you’re a shy boy. Well, get back to whatever it was you were doing, kid. You don’t understand English that well, yet, so keep watching Sesame Street. And be a good boy. You sure won’t be when you grow up.

Fifteen, There’s Still Time for You

So much for my time jaunt. It seems like you’ve grown the same way, so I’m invading your dream, instead. I know you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about. I’m a stranger and all, but I know you, oh, yes indeedy. Right now, you’re a fan of Fra Lippo Lippi, When In Rome and Debbie Gibson… should I go on? But there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re okay, you know? A bit overeager, but at your age, that’s understandable. You’re not one of the hip, fornicating, gin-guzzling athlete types or cool hunky boys, but you’re immersed in what you like. By this time, I’d say you’re already an individual; some people look up to you and some despise you for your newfound confidence. Oh, teenage drama. You and your friends only think you know what’s in store for you. You have no damn idea.

You thought you wanted to play the drums to impress some girl, but you decided not to pursue that because you feel that it’s too much hard work. You wanna be a radio deejay, but really, you only want to play stacks of vinyl records, and for people to listen to your playlist. But, you know your strengths. You can do other things well. Still, you’re doing a barely decent job as Art Club president, and that moderator’s getting paid for not doing anything! You’re okay with the responsibilities he’s given you, though, and you want to experience how leadership feels. Well, good luck with that, you na├»ve twink.

You still have to study for your NCEE, and fill up some college applications on top of that. But don’t worry; you’ll get into the university that’s right for you. You’ll love that first year of college, let me tell you that, your initial anxieties about the change of pace and environment notwithstanding.

It’s good that you’ve come out of your shell and are communicating more. You’re a normal kid. You’re already starting to think about those questions during Bible study and Mass. You know what I’m talking about. But you can’t speak out just yet. You’re at that stage, maybe a necessary one, to help make you more discerning someday. But yeah, I believe now that you’re going to understand more from experience. There will be times you’ll feel duped, but you’ll get better. You’ll also feel lost, ignored, and confused, and not always in that order. But I promise you, there will be clarity.

You’ve yet to meet people who’ll profoundly and drastically alter and influence your life. You’ll find yourself at odds with a few of them sometimes, but the storms pass. And there will be those who’ll stand by you even when you’re not feeling worth anything.

In the meantime, enjoy that full head of hair. The clock will start ticking on it when you’re 22. But fret not. You’ll get action when you least expect it, so don’t be an idiot during those times. You’ll meet interesting people through your job, and also with the help of the computer. No, it’s not just for Lotus 123 or playing Digger anymore. You’ll be changing radically, but I’d rather not say how, for now. There will be those persons to whom you’ll surrender yourself, but not always completely. Some of them will break your heart, and you’ll do the same to them too. I’d suggest that you avoid certain people, but you have to know mistakes firsthand and learn from them. You’re going to want everything, and you’ll discover that that’s the kind of person you are.

You’ll forget all these, I know, but I hope they’ll stick to your subconscious. Be brave, young man. It’s going to be nuts, but you’ll survive.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Love's Like a Needle, Every Time

Hot June night. Ants are still a-marching, even though it looks like it’s gonna be raining hard again real soon. But I’m not minding the heat that much, at least not tonight. I’m listening to old new wave music between sipping nearly frozen iced tea, and jumping around like a fool. What a weird week for semi-epiphanies, blessing-counting, and impromptu rendezvous’s. Pardon the crypticness; I’m just my own prime time TV program this week. Nothing in particular about that I’m at liberty to share, however. But I’m feeling okay.

Lust is Contagious

Speaking of TV, I’ve been thinking about how fictional people have been written to reflect reality’s unusual relationships. I dunno; love and lust and all the things in between are a puzzle to me sometimes, even when I’m no stranger to those feelings. As several showbiz people have figured in different relationship scandals recently, I just have to wonder about the traditional notions surrounding fidelity and long-term unions and their parameters. But, meh, not really interested right now in talking about what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not; besides, gossip isn’t my cuppa tea.

Still, Carrie Bradshaw illumination moment: I guess people pursue what they want, and there’s thrill in the supposedly illicit connections. Well, here are some of my fave TV hookups, breakups, complicated relationships and couples. No particular order:

1. Veronica Mars’ first season boyfriend trouble was easy to follow, as she’s torn between rich kid jerkoid Logan Echolls and rich kid weirdo Duncan Kane. She also has a chaste relationship with the hot new Italian cop (I know people who’d rather see her end up with this guy), but it was one of the show’s best moments when she unexpectedly locked lips with someone who’s almost her exact opposite in the first season. Hawt.

2. The Jenny-Tim-Marina triangle from The L Word was developed well, however predictably. When lesbian restaurateur Marina first meets the similarly well-read Jenny, they hit it off fast. Soon, they repeatedly fool around behind the back of the latter’s boyfriend, Tim. But, wait, Jenny still fancies man parts! Yep. Bisexual.

3. In Queer As Folk, among the most intriguing storylines was the breakup of the longtime lez couple Melanie and Lindsay, caused by the blonde’s unexpected attraction to an artist. A guy! I like how this was foreshadowed over a span of episodes, but the eventual tryst was still surprising.

4. Also in QAF, I especially like when college boy Justin abandoned his bedhopping soulmate Brian Kinney for a sweet and gifted violinist. The arc showed Justin’s character briefly harbor a secret for a change, and the inevitable discovery by Brian and his succeeding devious machinations to mess up the new lovers were excellent.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s always had addictive romance angles, but my favorite is still the Buffy-Riley-Angel confrontation back in the fourth season. I had pretty much the same “Oh my god!!!” reaction as a friend and a sibling when the Slayer’s vampire ex Angel and current soldier beau Riley first met face to face, under less than pleasant circumstances. Ah, that Buffy and her alpha male admirers. Love the way Angel mocked Riley in front of his ex: “You sleep with this guy?!” Zing.

6. The implied occasional pairing of Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones (above, thanks, was a stunning revelation. Everyone knows that Jack shags guys, but Ianto? After his whining and mourning for his girlfriend-turned-cyborg killing machine (who nearly snuffed his fellow Torchwood agents), who’d have thought? Just a few eps later, I paraphrase:

Ianto: There are many things you can do with a stopwatch. (smiles)
Jack: I’ll send them home early. Meet me in my office in ten minutes! (smiles)

Three bisexual hookups in this list. Hmm. Hotness.

Heart of the Matter

Three songs. Love ‘em. “I Call Your Name” is by A-Ha, “As Long As It Matters” is by Gin Blossoms and last one’s “Caramel” by Suzanne Vega. Relevant at this point.

- - - - - - - - - -

I Call Your Name

We got married on a cold mid-winter’s morning. We said our lines, then kissed and it was over. Those pronouncements had such weight. I guess they made us hesitate.

When she moved her hips and swayed in my direction. I thought we could make it yet and beat the isolation. But in that gentle dark, man, we tore ourselves apart.

Through the fire and rain, through the wilderness and pain, through the losses, through the gains, on love’s roller coaster train: I call your name.

We used to laugh. Is the fire dying, babe? It hurts to ask. Let me hold you for awhile.

Through the fire and rain, through the wilderness and pain, through the losses, through the gains, on love’s roller coaster train: I call your name.

- - - - - - - - - -

As Long As It Matters

How can I find something that two can take? Without stumbling as we walk into our future’s wake. I’m like a broken record that you can play. Repeating as if it matters everything I want to say.

I’ll be all right. As long as it matters. As long as you’re here with me now.

Forget that time, it’s nothing we touch and see. All this is fine even as it crashes down on me. I’m looking around, there’s nothing that I could want. More than to tell you there’s no more than we’ve already got.

I’ll be all right. As long as it matters. As long as you’re here with me now.

Forget that our time is almost up.

- - - - - - - - - - -


It won’t do to dream of caramel, to think of cinnamon, and long for you.

It won’t do to stir a deep desire, to fan a hidden fire that can never burn true.

I know your name. I know your skin. I know the way these things begin.

But I don’t know how I would live with myself, what I’d forgive of myself, if you don’t go.

So goodbye, sweet appetite. No single bite could satisfy,

I know your name. I know your skin. I know the way these things begin

Chicken Lover

Cocky old pic. This was taken almost two years ago, while waiting for the Narnia preview at Shang.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Good Stretch Before Our Hibernation

Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” keeps playing over and over in my head for days now. Saw the video a few weeks back, and it’s getting decent rotation, which is kinda strange because the “Dusk and Summer” album’s been out for almost a year here (got it soon after it was released), and that’s many months after the initial track “Don’t Wait” began showing over the music channels. The video for “Stolen” is cute, especially the parts where two kids find out via card-reading that they’re fated to be lovers when they grow up. It’s also kinda funny when Chris Carrabba looks like he’s straining to hit the notes and his neck looks like it’s gonna pop. But I love the song and his voice. Can’t get ‘em outta my head, and my memories of the last few weeks are soundtracked heavily by them. The album’s other songs (about summer and nakedness and kissing and all the mushy metaphors) make the album something that the lovesick, lovestruck emo-types can’t afford to miss.

Saw the Fantastic Four sequel a few hours ago with lustful Popes John and Benedict. The movie feels short, and could’ve explored things more, but hmmm… I’m still processing it. There are cool parts that weren’t explained properly and there are those that were painful to see, but it’s something that you won’t take too seriously, unlike other recent superhero movies. I was hoping to see more of… oops, almost spoiled it. Despite its occasional clunkiness, it's still mostly mindless fun; if you’re just after that, it’ll probably easily work for ya.

Feeling sleepy but I’m full so I won’t crash just yet. Finished season six of 24 last Sunday. Finally. Erm, I like the previous season way better. Some spoilers, right about… now. After two years of torture in a Chinese prison, a shaken and traumatized Jack Bauer is released to his country to help out during a deadly series of attacks. He gets his groove back, of course, just before the end of the first episode. While handcuffed, he savagely kills a bad guy captor by biting down his neck! Jack’s still one mean killing machine. Well, there are new characters you’ll really hate at first but you’ll grow to love them as the story progresses, as usual. But I got bored at times, so I just fiddled with my action figures, made them strike curious poses while I watched the show. There were times I lifted weights and exercised while glued to the TV, as well as times when I really just wanted to drink beer.

But, sigh, work beckons once again. Must get some rest in a few. Tomorrow, as much as I wanna just escape and live for the moment, I gotta switch back again for a few hours and be the hardworking, no-nonsense kinda guy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Equal Partners in a Mystery

The stabbing pain in my right shoulder’s gone, finally. I must’ve over-exercised Monday night, but the pain recurred every time I’d move my arm a certain way, and that lasted till late Wednesday. I felt some muscle stress in my legs and abdomen also last Tuesday morning. But they didn’t last as long. Anyway, I’m feeling so much better now, and I’m hoping that I’m done with that emo-boy phase for good. I’m more optimistic, now that I’m outta the funk. To the people who helped cheer me up or asked me about it, my sincere thanks.

I’m also glad that there were a few things that distracted me these past few days. Most have been good diversions, while others have been barely passable time-killers. I finally saw the season-ender of Desperate Housewives, and sadly, while there have been really good moments with some of my favorite characters these past months, I’m just not that impressed by the show anymore. I can still relate to some of them (Andrew! Bree! And, to some extent, Edie’s nephew!), which is always a good sign that something’s being done right, but it seems that the storyline outcomes have gotten much easier to predict and there hasn’t been anything to match the mysteries that made its initial season riveting. Still, it’s good to just listen to Mary Alice’s narration and how that ties up a theme every episode. As for the cliffhanger, well, too bad, I like that particular character. But knowing her final fate, admittedly, is something that I can’t wait months for.

Oh, by the way, last Saturday, Benedicky and I picked up my stuff at DK. I got a few action figures, some characters that starred in the comic book 52. The finely sculpted and painted DC Direct toys are lovely, especially Animal Man and Booster Gold, which are equally handsome and sexy figs. They’re great additions to my expanding JLA set, and the good thing is, I got ‘em at a much, much cheaper price (almost P400 less than the mall store price each!). Hey, I just noticed that Booster and Animal Man resemble each other a bit (they both have goggles/visors which connect to similarly cut headgears, are blond, and don’t wear belts). Oh, and yeah, Booster has a Skeets accessory! I didn’t expect that.

One of the recent comic books I got from the shop was issue three of Illuminati. Boy, that was disappointing. The first two issues were actually good, but to retcon the Beyonder’s history in such a way that contradicts every story that made plausible sense of the character’s existence is just a case of fixing what ain’t broke. This was really unsatisfying. The Beyonder was an interesting character, and to disregard so much of the old stories is just wrong. But I’m hoping that this confusing secret origin isn’t final.

Also read the latest Buffy issue, which has gotten really weird, art-wise. But oh my god! The story’s typically Joss Whedon. Questions were raised (What’s Ethan up to? Who’s Buffy's secret admirer?) and previous enigmas were answered (Oh my god! He’s alive! He’s Amy’s boyfriend?!). Oh, if only this came out every week. I still remember how excited I got, every time a new ep aired over a local channel every Monday night.

Whedon’s also currently writing Runaways. I liked the way Molly confronted the Punisher in the latest ish, heehee. Hmm, I wonder who those two new characters are. I'm guessing that they’re probably related to the team somehow, maybe future versions of some currently dead characters? There’s a time travel angle in this new story, so maybe that’ll eventually explain if or how they’re kindred.

Beer Guy lent me Gail Simone’s second to the last ish of Birds of Prey too. Love this series, and the Secret Six guest appearance. I have yet to see the conclusion of the arc, which resurrected a female Justice Leaguer. I think it’s available now, though. I love the fact that this all-girl team book has been an enjoyable, unique ride during Simone’s run, and after she leaves, I hope it won’t lose any of that consistently strong female characterization or the series’ fun spirit.

Ah, it’s the sixth month of the year already. Note to self: reorganize, you fool! Take a break when you need to, yeah, but get on with it. There's a list of things to do, and a calendar to mark.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Chance to Dance Along the Light of Day

Sometimes, I just lie awake at night, just wondering about certain what-might-be’s and mapping out past decisions that landed me where I am today. I don’t dwell on things too much, nah, but I just wonder about how random people connect, and how all relationships look from an all-knowing vantage point. In The L Word, they have a whiteboard that charts the increasing sexual liaisons of a fictional lesbian community at a certain place. The social networking sites in our reality don’t have viewable, scaled models of all possible connections, but I imagine that they might look like unending layers and layers of tangled and intricate cobweb designs. That’s a lot of people who want to be happy, or rich, heard, cuddled.

I guess I’m re-assessing my life’s direction again. I dunno. They say that Scorpios are truth-seekers, and I suppose that’s quite true in my case. It’s hard when I’m bothered, when I don’t feel like facing reality and I just want to escape, though. That’s especially true yesterday morning; I kept waking up almost every hour, feeling anxious about how the day would unfold, and worried about the things I needed to deal with.

I wanted to get away from the routine and enjoy the day differently. But I was just stuck there, tossing and turning, when it looked like I wouldn’t be able to go out, partly because of the crazy weather, and partly because company wouldn’t be available. I wanted to see people, listen to music, maybe drink a little. I didn’t feel like my usual duty-bound self, not the person who’s always concerned with making his time count or leaving his mark.

Was I such a deprived, repressed kid? I think so. I think I’m trying to make up for lost time. I just want to be free a little, every now and then. But when I felt bummed out, I just stayed in my bed and tried to sleep through the hours. It didn’t make me feel better, but it rested me enough to do other things like watching episodes of 24 (the sixth season of which surprisingly feels super-dull and utterly rehashed, so far), and two DVDs of movies I’ve been meaning to see for a long time. Those distracted me enough to not think about places I’d rather be, and when that got boring, I just crashed in my bed again.

Slept for about forty minutes 9 p.m.-ish and had a semi-sex dream, details of which will not be mentioned here. I felt real hungry when I woke up; it was one of those dreams that felt like it ran the duration of several days. I’m still a little restless, but it’s a good thing, I think, that I didn’t drink alcohol at all the whole day, even when I really wanted to. I dunno how long this uneasy feeling will last.

But I hope to partake of some earthly pleasures soon. Need to think more positive, cheerful thoughts. That's probably my equivalent to praying, minus the worship. Whoa, wait, it’s Saturday already. I didn’t notice the week breeze by. I think I was still processing things from last weekend.

Heroes Past

Some film and TV fantasy heroes, caricatured five years ago for a short-lived magazine. I illustrated it to accompany an article I did.