Friday, June 10, 2005

Retro Fix

Just got The Cure's Greatest Hits compilation (2001) from Tower Records. It's got 18 songs! Pictures of You and Caterpillar weren't included, but four unfamiliar, typically nice-sounding songs from more recent albums were. Image hosted by I'm thinking of getting the Cutting Crew and REM greatest hits albums next.


sky said...

Oo nga, walang Pictures of You. Parang ayokong bilhin. He he.

The one thing I lovehate about The Cure is they release too many compilations. I've thought so many times that they'll disband after a certain compilation only to be disappointed (?) in the end because that was the way to go for previous bands.

OLIVER said...

Oo nga no, andaming compilations. But this one is good. It's the only compilation I'll ever get of the Cure I guess.

The band seems like they still get along well after all these decades. They have a new album released late last year, I think.