Sunday, July 17, 2005


My super-generous and extra-nice editor Pam Pastor invited me to speak at a Journalism workshop for over 40 high school and college students last Friday afternoon. The campus journalist attendees from all over the country were screened and included in a 3-day activity that featured lecturers like Inquirer publisher Isagani Yambot, reviewer Ruey de Vera, creative editor Tim Yap, lifestyle editors Chelo Banal-Formoso and Pam, contributing writer Me, and a few others.

I wish I had a camera; my name was on the classy tarpaulin banner with the rest of that lineup. I also wanted to take pics of the kids, many of whom were enthusiastic about participating in the discussion (well, some of them were bleary-eyed and succumbing to Red Box’s mega-chilly airconditioning). It was an honor and a pleasure to share and discuss with them. Like a man possessed, I talked for about an hour about interviewing people (celebs and non-celebs) and answered their questions as best as I could. They were smart youngsters, and I don’t doubt that I’ll be working with a bunch of them in the future.

To the students and Pam, thanks so much for this cool, cool experience.

Picky pic
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Pajammy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the workshop. :)

It was a wonderful experience. I loved being surrounded by so many creative young people. It reminded me of who I'm really doing this for.

We're definitely doing this again next year.

I'll send you pics soon.

OLIVER said...

Yay, thanks Pam!!!

It was good to share and to know that there are still hardworking, thinking kids from all over the country. Make it an annual event! :)

Anonymous said...

oh oliver, mukhang we really cant fight time anymore. nababawasan na rin buhok mo. sakin nagsisimula na rin haha.. plus fighting to get fit is also a problem

jude, singpr

OLIVER said...

Yes, ganun talaga Jude. Hehe :)

Mckoi said...

wow! cant believe i stumbled upon your blog...the "oliver" who created LNA...i brought the comicbook after its more of the argus type...lolz playing both sides of the field...

slim whale said...

good to hear there are still kids who are into writing.

OLIVER said...

Fallen Angel- Hello! thanks for posting about it too. :) Glad you can relate to it, and that you were able to share it with your friends. :)

Slim- Yeah, all is not lost. :)

Anonymous said...

hey oliver,

sayang wasn't able to meet you that friday :( i hosted the seminar last saturday and sunday. well, next time, i guess :) you have a blast.


mark sablan

OLIVER said...

Hey Mark!!!

Wanted to meet you and Jason nga eh. Sayang. But we will, eventually. :)