Thursday, August 25, 2005

Safety Zone

JLA vs. Avengers (click image to enlarge)
Did this a long time ago. Was eagerly waiting for the crossover. Ah, fanboy fan art.

Speak easy
The fun 2BU journalism workshop, where I was one of the speakers weeks back, was featured in the paper yesterday. Online versions of the articles here and here.

There you go
After days of trying to remember the name of the '90s band that sounded like the Fine Young Cannibals, I finally got it: London Beat. Yay. John and I are happy. Not remembering was making our heads hurt.

"I was driving home the morning after with the taste of you still on my tongue..."
--London Beat, "A Better Love"

Happy Birthday Benedict!
Puzzle-solving McPiglet, the guy who can figure out and completely finish a messed-up Rubik's Cube in less than five minutes, is now a year older.

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