Friday, February 09, 2007

Gods Almighty

Beyonder versus Warlock, pencil drawing on vellum paper, Feb. 2007

After recently reading a boxful of borrowed Warlock and the Infinity Watch and related crossovers like Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, and finally reading old tie-ins to Secret Wars II, I was inspired to draw a meeting between the two main cosmic characters. Adam Warlock has been Jim Starlin’s Jesus-like figure, an artificially created being and hero, who sacrificed himself to save an Earth-like planet, was resurrected a few times, and ascended temporarily to godhood. Jim Shooter’s Secret Wars series introduced the all-powerful Beyonder, a being who sought to understand human desire and fulfillment. For a time, both were considered threats to the Marvel Universe’s different realities, and were opposed by its various heroes and entities.

I did this last Wednesday, after work. I chose to draw the Beyonder in the armor he wore in the Buscema-Avengers issues, as it looks way cooler that the casual jumpsuit he normally wore. Adam Warlock’s “God” mode only had one look, so I stuck with that. Warlock’s brief stint as omnipotent being and wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet was an interesting point in the character’s existence, as he pondered, like the Beyonder, what to do with the nearly limitless power. Unlike the Beyonder, though, Warlock didn’t have time to revel in his might, and divided the power among his chosen guardians.

They’re among Marvel’s most fleshed-out characters, and for a time, among the company’s more popular ones, which probably means that they’re being considered to have their own Marvel Legends figures someday (well, Baron Zemo and X-23 got immortalized in plastic first, so it’s hard to say if that’ll happen). Also, as the characters haven’t really met in the comics, I have this idea that, maybe, they actually have (they can do anything), or can still do so, what with retcons happening left and right in many titles. I think that it’d be a great meeting. They can try to eradicate each other from existence, and even have some pretty heated philosophical debates while they’re at it. This can so happen in the Exiles comic book.

No Mercy on the Battlefield

Early this week, I was able to attend a special preview of the Zack Snyder-directed 300, based on Frank Miller’s limited series. Awesome, awesome movie. I loved the moody, stylized look, the muted colors, and kickass battle sequences and character designs. Gerard Butler did a good job as Leonidas, leader of the 300 Spartan soldiers, as did Rodrigo Santoro, who played Xerxes, the conquering god-king to legions.

Thanks to the Warner people for that and the thick and pretty Art of 300 book, too. The movie opens March 7th. I hope it stays uncut.


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