Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Brain Freeze, Main Sneeze

I like being a freelancer. I get to do things more than half the time at home, usually shirtless and barefoot, and on hours when I feel most comfortable. But sometimes, I need a change of pace. I eventually get tired of the routines, even when I’ve grown to love my different jobs.

Two days ago, my eyes just glazed over as I looked at reference material. Incredibly bored, I kept distracting myself with things unrelated to my work, just to find some inspiration. It came, but it took some time. I finished two articles.

I barely had four hours sleep when new work came in. Two new, unannounced articles were due that afternoon, so I did them as soon as I could. I had to pick up reference at the office later for another new assignment, so I got out of the house by 7:15 p.m. It was still warm outside, but the bus I took had its aircon on full-blast. I was already coughing earlier that day, so I kinda expected it to worsen, eventually. And it did.

But I didn’t think of it too much then, because they were showing some campy ‘90s flick starring Nanette Medved, Gabby Concepcion, and, heh, Rey “PJ” Abellana. It was just a damn trainwreck; you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Anyway, I got to my destination. The office had the aircon off. I was already feeling a mild headache because of the stuffiness and my lack of sleep. Still, I hung out and drank with friends Mark and Sherwin soon at a nearby bar that played ‘80s New Wave (where an old fellow Inquirer contributor, cool guy Ruben Cruz, was drinking with co-workers). Got to Edsa by 2 a.m., and once again, the bus I got on was practically freezing, too. By the time I got home, I was feeling bad, so I quickly cleaned up and went directly to bed. My head was killing me.

I got phlegmy and feverish by the morning. My nose was clogged, too. I took paracetamol, put on vapor rub, and dozed off a few times. Yeah, I missed the Speed Racer preview at the Imax because of it.

Hope I get better soon. Still, I can appreciate hours of just doing nothing, and not thinking about anything. But even when I’m not sick, my brain wants to go on vaycay sometimes, and that translates to restlessness and a desire to do something else (oh, digression: I think I’d like to own a lomo camera, because those shots with the skewed perspectives, symmetrical panels, and round frames are growing on me. Plus, it looks like it might prove useful for some assignments).

Anyway, yeah, I’ll get better. Mind over matter. This is nothing.

Deadlines are looming.

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