Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knowing is Half the Battle

Some pictures taken at the Toys R Us Superhero event in Robinson’s Manila last Saturday. That guy’s EJ (or Elton John), who won first place in the Ultimate Mind Mash trivia game. It was a close and long competition; we had to answer questions based on the Transformers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, and Marvel mythologies. We did that onstage; I was proud that I got some items correctly (Shaak-Ti! Weather Dominator! Galvatron!), but it was quite embarrassing to answer incorrectly in front of everyone. Heh. Still, it was fun; I made it to second place. I’m holding the Destro-Corporal Breaker anniversary 2-pack prize. I’m looking forward to joining more Mind Mashes.

Got myself some half-priced Marvel Legends too, like cool variants of Moon Knight and Wasp, as well as 1940s Captain America from the Brood wave, and something I’ve been waiting for, the Black Knight (a nice addition to my Avengers team, oh yes).

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