Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dashing Fratboys, Charming Rogues

It’s refreshing to see a nerdy protagonist who isn’t entirely the butt of jokes for a change. Greek is a feelgood comedy-drama series centering on skinny college freshman Rusty, who eagerly tries to belong and make something of himself by joining a prestigious fraternity. The potential recruit initially sticks out in meetings held by the group overrun by rich, hip heartthrobs. But he finally gains acceptance in a less organized, more party-loving rival frat.

It’s nice to see Rusty’s popular sorority member sister as someone who’s accepting and protective of her uncool but well-intentioned sibling. And it’s also nice to see the guy connecting with a smart, pretty girl early on, for a change.

RockNRolla is a gritty heist/crime comedy starring Gerard Butler. Goons, rogues, junkies and hitmen make a crazy, lethal mix in this snappy Guy Ritchie film. And, you just gotta see Butler and Thandie Newton’s silly dancing.

It’s screening exclusively at Greenbelt and Glorietta cinemas.

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