Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mighty Slott Machine

Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers lineup looks interesting. He spoke with Newsarama about his choice of Avengers. Spoiler alert to those who haven’t read the Secret Invasion ending.

“We lose Jan, a size-changing character that has strong ties to Hank, but here's a size-changing girl, Cassie, who looks up to Hank as an uncle. And here's this new robot version of the Vision running around that's built partially on the Kang armor from Iron Lad and partially on the Classic Avengers Vision. So you're going to have Vision and Scarlet Witch, and Vision and Cassie, and Cassie and Scarlet Witch, and Hank and Jocasta. And right there, you're going to have Avengery Avengers characters, especially when you think of Cassie as someone who was running around in the Avengers books as a youngster. This is someone who Jarvis has bounced on his knee and who lived in the mansion for years. It gets to the heart of these characters and this legacy and the mythology of the Avengers. And that's not even the whole cast!”

The image shows the combined covers of MA #s 21 and 22. There’s an as-yet unreleased third image. Um, I don’t like the art. The artist, if I’m not mistaken, drew the New Avengers issue where Super-Skrulls defeated the real Elektra. She looked really wrinkled and stiff in a bunch of panels. Anyway, Slott mentions the inclusion of US Agent:

“…that means he's officially gone from Canada, doesn't it? He was on Omega Flight because... what better place to have U.S. Agent than Canada? [laughs] I kid! I kid! But no, we're messing around with John Walker. You're going to get to see him swing his shield over here.”

At last. Someone who gets the Avengers. I’m excited. I hope She-Hulk becomes a cast regular, or at least a recurring guest. And it’s about time Hank ditched the Yellowjacket identity. I like the nice new costume and Wasp-like wings. Yay for Avengery Avengers!

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