Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weathering the ‘Whiteout’

Years before Greg Rucka wrote archetypal comic book females Wonder Woman and Elektra, he told the tale of Carrie Stetko, a strong-willed but guilt-ridden US Marshal investigating a mysterious death in the icy terrains of Antarctica. “Whiteout” is solidly written and studiously illustrated, a miniseries that inspired the new movie starring Kate Beckinsale.

Rucka’s original vision conjures up an altogether different atmosphere especially since a female character from the comic book is replaced by a man in the movie translation, for some reason. There’s a subtly implied lesbian attraction between Carrie and her fellow law enforcer, a dimension that gives the book part of its uniqueness. The polar environment is a palpable entity; Steve Lieber’s black and white art complements Rucka’s words and concepts and aptly co-creates a cold, textured world.

(Thanks to Jay and Sionee for the compilation.)

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