Saturday, January 30, 2010


1. I miss Conan. I remember watching him in 1996, when our cable was new. We got to watch the show twice a week, every Saturday and Sunday. It was easy to like him; he went out of his way to make people laugh with sketches that were just insane. I regularly looked forward to the show, excited in a way I never was for the preceding talk show, whose host I found bland and nowhere near as funny as Conan. It was great that JackTV eventually got the Late Night show and aired it five times a week, about five years ago.

Anyway, it’s been over a week since Conan left the Tonight Show. It’s still fun to see his “I’m With CoCo” Facebook page increasing by dozens every few minutes. As of this writing, there are 884,330 fans, people from all over that he entertained and inspired through the years.

2. I won a Where the Wild Things Are poster (the version below), signed by the director and cast, in a raffle held at last Friday’s preview screening. Cool poster. And what a sad but beautiful movie.

3. It’s been a good month for superhero comics. Secret Six is fun and crazy as usual, but I’m missing Nicola Scott. The JLA roster is changing, and it looks promising. And I love that Marvel’s Dark Reign is finally ending. It’s basically a retread of the original Thunderbolts’ first year; Norman Osborn and his villain posse masquerade as heroes, but that’s about to end with the Siege event. I like the related Avengers Initiative and Mighty Avengers stories. In three months, the Avengers books will be ending, to be followed by a revamp. Initiative is rumored to become “Avengers Academy.” Interesting.


Anonymous said...

i miss conan too. when i still had television he's one of the few shows i often watch. i find his self-deprecating humor funny.

OLIVER said...

Yup, and he admits when jokes bomb... very honest.

Anonymous said...

haha. true!

and it becomes a joke itself that the jokes bombed.

i haven't heard news about new prospects for him yet.

OLIVER said...

He's currently in talks with another network, according to some reports... hope he returns with his staff and crew.