Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coarse ‘Cop’ caper

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan co-star as cop buddies in the Kevin Smith-directed action-comedy flick “Cop Out.” It’s strictly a hit-and-miss affair; while there are belly-busting, insane bits, there are lulls and beaten jokes that don’t quite make it to the punchline. Willis’ law enforcer isn’t the resourceful gunslinger from his old actioners, and Morgan plays a less crazy but somewhat louder version of his “30 Rock” character. The ridiculed cops, suspended after a failed mission, soon find themselves tracking down a memorabilia thief, and eventually, a whole mess of bad guys. It’s not always a smooth ride, and the parkour expert/thief (Seann William Scott), gets really irritating with his juvenile mimicking. It’s pretty run of the mill, quite violent, and ultimately, patience-testing.

“Cop Out” opens March 3 in Metro Manila.

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