Monday, February 15, 2010

Greek ‘Lightning’

Moderately action-packed and mostly made for the tween-teen crowd, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” centers on teenage demigod Percy (Logan Lerman), a seemingly dyslexic lad accused of stealing the fabled lightning bolt of Zeus (Sean Bean). Like Harry Potter, Percy’s bound for greatness; the son of Poseidon (“Rome’s” Kevin McKidd) soon discovers powers that might prove useful in clearing his name and protecting his human mother (the Greek gods mated with Americans years ago, resulting in too-cool-for school offspring, many of whom train at a secret hero camp). Unlike the “Harry Potter” films, though, “Percy Jackson” is a quicker and much simpler journey; it doesn’t evoke timelessness, but it wields its hipness decently. The charismatic cast, “Clash of the Titans”-ish battles, naughty humor (specifically the scenes with Rosario Dawson’s Persephone), and special effects-aided scenarios mesh favorably.

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