Friday, April 02, 2010

Regurgitate the ‘Titans’

Campy fantasy classic “Clash of the Titans” is re-imagined in the visually grand but less entrancing film directed by Louis Leterrier, starring Sam Worthington as the avenging demigod Perseus. Like the original movie, this new “Clash” weaves together elements from Greek mythology, centering on conflicts involving defiant mortals and manipulative gods. This time, escalating enmity between man and the father deity Zeus (an armored Liam Neeson) is worsened by the obviously duplicitous Hades (Ralph Fiennes), whose machinations also affect exiled half-god Perseus.

The monster-hunting scenes look spectacular in 3D, but Perseus and company’s journey, while stunning, doesn’t do much for viewers already familiar, even saturated with sweeping, earth-shaking fantasy epics. Calibos looks less beastly and threatening than the previous version, and the vaunted Kraken’s simpler facial features make it look like a toothier cousin to other gigantic screen behemoths Cloverfield and the Rancor Monster. The addition of long-lived demigod Io (Gemma Anterton) presents a new dynamic; she’s the token girl companion who must explain everything to Perseus.

Worthington’s dour demigod moves predictably and lacks dimension, but the actor brings a renewed verve to the character. This new “Clash of the Titans” is still fun despite unavoidable narrative and conceptual imperfections, and it compensates with its colossal effects-knitted clashes. Also, those who adored the original movie will appreciate the brief, joke-y appearance of robotic owl Bubo.


Justin, Uhm, Bieber said...

Nice review!
I kept expecting the token girl to tell Perseus, "Eywa has spoken... Eywa has spoken..."

OLIVER said...

Thanks. And lol. :D