Sunday, May 09, 2010


After many busy years, the old computer finally “died.” It succumbed to irreparable, used-up capacitors, according to the technicians. But I was able to retrieve files, documents and pictures, some of which are almost five years old. And forgotten memories come flooding back as I look at all those mementos from the past. Work-related relics, photos of me and those dear to me, illustrations, and expressions of feelings have been transplanted from one mechanical “brain” to another, matching long-stored records in my head.

But I choose to save and transfer those that still matter. Those that I don’t care about anymore, I won’t bother saving. The documents and images provide a slideshow of my growth, a few things I now regret and would rather forget, and a number of personal milestones. Professional and intimate relationships, changing disciplines and behavior--they’re summarized and specific in old blog entries, and hinted at in some pictures.

Yeah, reflecting on my life while switching machines. But it’s a welcome trip to the past, and I haven’t done a lot of that recently. Life goes on, I’m moving on, and I’m creating new, hopefully better memories.

Pic from 2006. Pizza Hut, Fort.

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