Friday, June 11, 2010

Kiddified ‘Karate’

Jaden Smith stars as the titular character in this functional remake. But in this version, the boy, Dre, moves to China with his mom (Taraji Henson), and is menaced almost immediately by a group of mean schoolmates skilled in kung fu. Jackie Chan plays Dre’s effective mentor Han, figuring in a frenetic, creative martial arts melee scene, and later adding dramatic pulse to the decent endeavor. The new Kid inspires differently; 12-year-old Smith impresses as the determined underdog. The film is long, “Poker Face” feels old and has gotten boring, and you’d wish that they’d expounded on the evil kung fu teacher’s motivations. But “Karate Kid” still rewards and entertains, espousing the importance of diligence and determination to younger viewers between quick kicks, flips, and parries.

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