Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vanilla ‘Twilight’

“Twilight’s” mythology is far from solid, but the third film, “Eclipse,” somewhat tries to fix that by fleshing out some of the decorative background characters. So expect some pretty interesting flashbacks that elaborate on the seemingly less significant Cullen clan members, and information that makes some sense of the werewolf-vampire rivalry.

However, the monster love triangle is still central to the enterprise; vamp-boy Edward (Rob Pattinson) proposes to monster magnet Bella (Kristen Stewart), who has feelings as well for wolf-boy Jacob (Taylor Lautner). The escalation of the enmity between the Sparkly One and the Shirtless One finally amuses, and even when it’s clear that Bella truly has the hots for one of them, she just doesn’t want the other preternatural lad to leave.

“Eclipse” is actually bearable and has clearer storytelling; by now, those that watched the first two films know the parameters of the fantasy-drama. There are still some eyeroll-inducing moments, but “Eclipse” is better edited than its predecessors. The once-dour dynamic has also improved, thanks to Jacob and Edward’s sometimes-funny verbal jousting. Action-wise, the short battle between the good guy monsters and a new vampire army is mesmerizing chaos, the busy conflict a welcome respite from the stretched and often uninvolving emotional duels.

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