Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leave a Light On

Power’s back after almost 40 hours. Horrible. Was unable to work because of that. I hope the coming storms aren’t as bad, and the people concerned can pinpoint and fix power interruptions quicker.

Anyway, some spoilers and announcements:

1. Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) recently became an Avenger. He’ll be joining the ever-growing team whenever he can, which means when he’s not busy with MI:13 missions.

2. Hope Summers can copy mutant powers. She used Cyclops’, Armor’s, Iceman’s, Magma’s and Colossus’ powers during the climactic battle with Bastion.

3. Edward Norton won’t be playing Bruce Banner/the Hulk again in Joss Whedon’s Avengers film. Some of the actors rumored to replace him are Mark Ruffalo and Joaquin Phoenix.

4. Avatar: Special Edition will be in 3D cinemas exclusively starting August 27. There will be eight minutes of new footage, previously unseen characters and action scenes. For details, drop by the 20th Century Fox Philippines Facebook page.

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