Friday, September 24, 2010

Elmo Sees Cleavage

Katy Perry’s music video with giggly puppet Elmo has been pulled out by Sesame Street producers after parents complained about the singer’s outfit. Eh, what? That’s just baffling. What’s wrong with it? And it looks like she’s wearing a body stocking around her chest area. She’s been seen in similar outfits by kids who watch her videos. Oh well.

Anyway, she sang a kiddified version of “Hot ‘N’ Cold” with Elmo. It’s weird that the song has been retooled a second time for kids (the first, I think, was the Chippettes’ version in that Chipmunks movie), since originally, the song mentioned PMS-ing “like a bitch.” Well, it’s a cute video, and it’s posted on YouTube for kids and, yeah, erstwhile Sesame Street viewers to enjoy.


mots said...

si pong pagong na lang dapat heheh :)

OLIVER said...

Ah okey. Thanks for dropping by Mots. :D

mots said...

and elmo has no pants! hehe

seriously, these kids don't see katy's revealing outfit in a sexual way.

OLIVER said...

Yup, and to quote the Saturday Night Live actors in the sketch that co-starred Katy last week, "Boobs feed babies!" :D