Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gliding ‘Guardians’

Stunningly animated, Zack Snyder’s fantasy epic “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” follows the heroic evolution of Sorun (voiced by Jim Sturgess), who must find the fabled Guardians to thwart the schemes of the predatory Pure Ones. Its cast of characters mostly consisting of nocturnal birds, the movie has very basic hero-versus-villain themes and conflicts.

As with previous undertakings like “Watchmen” and “300,” Snyder’s take on the Owls is grand and captivating. “Guardians” is straightforward enough for kids but technically sturdy enough to win over grownups. Storywise, Sorun’s journey is reminiscent of other hero archetypes’ transformative quests. It could have benefited from a more detailed history of the warring owl clans. Old encounters are only briefly mentioned and some elaboration could’ve given dimension to the somewhat personality-devoid warring factions. But Sorun’s ragtag band makes up for it, despite having requisite dispositions.

The owl characters are very expressive, and the attention to detail is astounding. From gliding through contrasting elements to swooping into intense battles, the deftly designed birds are often dynamic and kinetic.

“Legend of the Guardians” is currently in Metro Manila cinemas.

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