Monday, September 13, 2010

‘Robo Rock’: Geek-friendly radio show

(Published Sept. 14, PDI-Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Fantasy TV shows and movies, among other things, are discussed in the geek-friendly “Robo Rock Radio” talk show, a weekly program on FM station UR 105.9.

From “Voltes V”-era robots to present-day cartoons and movie adaptations, the topics discussed by the hosts are diverse. It focuses on a specific theme or genre each week; beloved ‘80s cartoons may be the subject of one episode, while the next may focus on live-action spy shows.

On air for several months now, “Robo Rock Radio’s” enthusiastic hosts cram in as much as they can into every hour-long episode. They talk in detail about old and new pop culture obsessions, as well as their personal favorites. Phone callers and Facebook contacts are also encouraged to share something about the chosen topic. Music from soundtracks and rare versions of songs from discussed shows are also played.

Keeping the show lively are hosts of the local TV show “Front Act.” The ones with the most to say about topics of the week are LC “Robo Reklamo” De Leon and Benedict “Benom” Bartolome. They never run out of things to talk about.

Bartolome has the “Ben’s Ten” contest, where listeners creatively answer the weekly questions on the show’s Facebook page. Others contribute nicely to the topic at hand; in one episode, occasional co-host Mike “Mike Rider” Unson shared interesting information about the James Bond books and movies.

As with most free-flowing discussions, topics can get a little derailed, deviating into other territories from time to time. But things are currently more organized; the hosts now analyze and share trivia without getting interrupted.

In the early weeks, they’d scramble to answer the phone, stopping their exchange whenever it rings. Thankfully, it’s on mute now.

Whichever escapist medium one may prefer—cartoons, comic books, video games, movies, toys, and music—the topics are endless. The oft-nostalgic “Robo Rock Radio” knowledgeably recollects with fans of fantasy escapism transcending different generations, and keeps them informed of new or undiscovered modern mythologies to enjoy.

“Robo Rock Radio” airs on UR 105.9 and Thursdays at 10 p.m.


cordova said...

yup. cool show.
only wish they could do away with their disorganized ramblings that disrupt the flow of topics / subjects being discussed.
it gets really annoying when everybody butts in when someone is talking.
otherwise, a very entertaining & interesting show!

OLIVER said...

Yup. I agree, sometimes discussions get too off-topic. Hmm, maybe you should post your comment on their Facebook page. They'll probably make a conscious effort to avoid disruptions. Thanks. :)