Saturday, October 30, 2010


I attended “Tron Night,” which was a 20-minute preview screening of select scenes from the “Tron” sequel, last Thursday night at the SM North Imax. It was okay. The more complex virtual world in this film looks more appealing, of course; there are nicely designed machines and other technology lined with characteristically cool light patterns.

I’m not a fan of the original film, though; I remember watching it when I was about nine or ten, and getting really bored about half an hour into it. It looked good, but I tuned out eventually. I do hope that the sequel is an improvement over the original movie, storywise, and that there are more unpredictable action sequences.

Anyway, actor Garrett Hedlund, who plays the character transported to another dimension (and a combatant in a flashy gladiatorial duel), looks like a younger clone of Jensen Ackles, but with not-so-perfect teeth. By the way, there was a raflle and I won a Tron yoyo and a neon blue baller band. “Tron: Legacy” opens Metro Manila-wide in December.

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