Friday, November 12, 2010

The Robin Army

Robin times 20! Boy and girl wonders from all over the DC Multiverse.

Upper row: Barbara Gordon (Thrillkiller), Robin Redblade (Batman Chronicles), Stephanie Brown, “Tengu” (Robin Elseworlds Annual), Richard Grayson (Pre-Crisis Earth 2), Robin (Detective No. 27), Redbird (The Blue, The Grey, The Bat), Carrie Kelly (Dark Knight Returns), Richart Graustark (Thrillkiller), Jason Todd, Tom Wayne (Robin 3000)

Lower row: Richard Grayson (Dark Knight of the Round Table), Tim Drake, Boy (Return of Bruce Wayne), Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tris Plover (Legends of the Dead Earth), Robin (Just Imagine Stan Lee), Robin the Toy Wonder (Robin 1,000,000), Robin Drake (JLA: Riddle of the Beast)


Timothy Forbes said...

Nice illustration!

OLIVER said...

Thank you! :)