Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging, Etcetera

My original blog just recently turned six. Wow, it’s like time flew at superspeed. I’ve been looking at the archived entries and I find reading old posts a little surreal. Most posts I still stand by, some intimate posts about love and romance maybe not as much. I noticed a tendency to share how I felt without giving away too much, and I’d say I was more comfortable with talking about my emotions during the early years.

Much has happened, though it may not always appear that way. I’d like to think that I’m a better person now because of some challenges. Writing my blog entries sometimes helped me put into words the thoughts or feelings that I struggled with. As for my reviews, doing them started out as a job, but I began loving it early on, and I do like sharing my thoughts on different items here, along with my more personal entries. And reviewing stuff also helps me keep tabs on my style and structure.

There are events in my life, of course, that I choose not to document. I’m not the type who overshares, anyway. But I will blog stuff when it suits me. I’ll keep posting drawings worth sharing, too, here and elsewhere. To my readers, old and new, thanks for dropping by.

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