Thursday, January 06, 2011

‘Metanoia’: Might and mettle

The local animated fantasy-action movie “RPG Metanoia” pleasantly surprises with its imaginative and well-designed worlds; the online fantasy realm of Metanoia and the “real” Filipino environment where the protagonists reside are intricately and painstakingly rendered. Also surprising is the simple but tightly written adventure, about a boy who often feels more comfortable in the action-heavy virtual dimension than the real world.

“Metanoia’s” likeable, thoughtfully developed characters (voiced by actors Zaijan Jaranilla, Aga Muhlach and Eugene Domingo) and engaging action sequences impress repeatedly. Despite some imperfections (the characters’ strobey, slower movements in Metanoia, thin sound effects during battle scenes, and some mouth motions that don’t fit the words), it’s an exciting, inspiring endeavor that showcases Filipino artistry and imagination.

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