Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gods and Supergods

A few of my fave higher beings from pantheons brought to life by Kirby, Simonson, Byrne, Gaiman, and others. Four new drawings.

Thor Circa 1987

Thor in battle armor, probably my favorite among his costumes. I saw this version in X-Factor (he had a two-page appearance, drawn by Walt Simonson) and Avengers (the issue where they beat up Zeus).

Orion, Son of Darkseid

He was badass during Morrison’s JLA run. He died thrice in a span of months, in three big event books, about three years ago.

Dream Meets Nightmare

DC and Marvel’s dream lords meet at a neutral realm between their kingdoms:

“If you wish to fight me, Nightmare, know that I am more powerful than the costumed mortals that bested you combined.”

“I cower before you, o mighty Morpheus, the warrior-king who spent seven decades trapped in some clumsy dabblers’ rank basement!”

Galactus Vs. Anti-Monitor

The devourer of worlds meets the destroyer of universes.

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