Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tyler Posey: ‘Teen Wolf’ gone wild

(Published Aug. 22, PDI Entertainment)

By Oliver M. Pulumbarit


“I’ve been working since I was 6,” revealed Tyler Posey, star of the hit MTV monster drama series “Teen Wolf.” In a recent phone interview, Posey talked about nabbing the titular role and working on the show, loosely based on fantasy-comedy films that starred Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman.

“I’ve been working my entire life. My dad is an actor and a writer. He used to take me to movie sets. It was odd for a 4-year-old to hang out for 12 hours at a time and not complain … My dad got me into auditioning when I was very young,” he said.

As a child actor, Posey played Jennifer Lopez’ son in the 2002 rom-com “Maid in Manhattan.” He eventually appeared in TV shows “Smallville” and “Brothers and Sisters.” He also co-founded, and is the vocalist and guitarist of a pop-punk band called Lost in Kostko. Now 19, Posey plays Scott McCall, the star lacrosse player hiding a savage, lycanthropic side.

“This is definitely the biggest role I have ever done,” he said. “I love it because the attention that I’m getting is just mind-blowing. I’m having so much fun; I’m happy all the time!”

The actor-musician believes that the new series stands out from the ongoing barrage of monster-fantasy programs. “Most of the other shows tend to focus on one genre, the horror or scary aspect or the drama. Even though our show is a one-hour drama, we focus on the romance, the action, the comedy, the scariness — we put all these different components into one mold and create a really cool show.”

Posey also finds playing a werewolf enjoyable, but admitted that being on the makeup chair for two hours is the most grueling part of the job. He hopes that the popularity of werewolves won’t wane, especially now that a second season is being planned.

“Werewolves in our show are completely different than anything else that’s going on right now. I think they’ve always been pretty popular because it’s such an outrageous concept. You can do whatever you want with it, you have so much freedom. I really think that people cling to that because it’s so out of the ordinary. I think it’ll be around for a while, hopefully!”

His uneasiness during the makeup process aside, Posey disclosed that he’s very comfortable working with his costars, especially Crystal Reed, who plays Scott’s love interest Allison. “Crystal, she’s beautiful,” Posey enthused. “I get paid to make out with a hot girl all day!”

The werewolf character requires him to be shirtless a lot, so he sticks to a strict routine to stay in shape. “My fitness regimen is pretty extreme at some points,” Posey said. “When I’m back in LA, I go to the gym about three days a week. I have a trainer — he kicks my butt, he works me out like crazy! It always feels like I’m gonna throw up afterwards, but afterwards that feeling goes away, I feel really good. Without him, I wouldn’t be as fit as I am right now. The other part of my regimen is I eat a lot of pizza and unhealthy food. And for some reason, I just do a couple of sit-ups and the bad food goes away!”

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on AXN Beyond.

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