Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ennobling Eighties

New drawings. Characters from comics I read as a kid.

Beast, Circa 1988
Hank McCoy reverted to his original, human-looking form in an early issue of X-Factor. During Fall of the Mutants, one of Apocalypse’s Horsemen made his mind deteriorate. Months later, he regained his genius-level intellect and became furry again after he was kissed by the mutant-evolving Infectia. He wore this costume during Inferno and the Evolutionary War. Beast is a teacher again at Wolverine’s new school, and is also a Secret Avenger.

Cyclops, Circa 1987
At the end of X-Factor’s Fall of the Mutants event, Cyclops was given a new costume by grateful New Yorkers after the team saved the city from Apocalypse. This was when Cyclops thought his wife Madelyne was dead; he left her to see the “resurrected” Jean Grey for himself, and co-founded X-Factor shortly after. Cyclops currently leads the remaining mutants on the island nation Utopia.

Rogue, Circa 1984
Rogue ditched her semi-androgynous look after the first Secret Wars. She was 18 when she joined the X-Men; she asked Professor X to help her control her powers and keep her sanity. She absorbed Carol Danvers’ powers, as well as her psyche, which takes over her body from time to time. She became a valuable X-Man and is currently a teacher at the newly built Jean Grey School. She can control her powers now.

Starfox, Circa 1983
Starfox a.k.a. Eros is cosmic villain Thanos’ brother. He’s an Eternal, which makes him an immortal with various powers like superhuman strength and flight. He also has a unique ability: he can stimulate pleasure centers of the brain. He joined the Avengers, but left them occasionally to embark on space missions. A few years ago, he became controversial; it was alleged that he used his euphoria-causing power to sap people of their free will.

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