Friday, March 16, 2012

Intimate Enmity

New drawings. Love and war.

Lobo Vs. Logan
“Fraggin’ bastich!”

“You’re dead, bub!”

Bounty hunter Lobo and mutant hero Wolverine fought in the 1996 crossover series DC Vs. Marvel. Wolverine won that fight, I’m assuming because he was overwhelmingly popular, and readers got to vote for their favorite characters in five main bouts including that one. Anyway, I still believe that Lobo would’ve won against “bone claws” Wolvie in a fair (or poll-less) fight; he’d have delivered a fatal strike as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Adamantium-laced Logan, though, that’s another story.

Zaturnnah, Naloka
Nahuli ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah ang naglalandiang Ginoong Lakas at Dodong!

I’m intrigued by Ginoong Lakas; I’m guessing he’s secretly one of the characters introduced in the first issue. But we’ll see. He might really be a girl with a gender-bending meteorite, for all we know. Antagal ng next issue! 

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