Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cool Random $#!+ Part Six

Old X-Men: Asgardian Wars TPB. I only had the 1985 X-Men Annual when I was a kid, and borrowed the rest from neighbors and friends eventually. Bought this compilation in 1995. Still very enjoyable.

"We're watching 'Avengers'! In our first movie, Joss Whedon gave me the line, 'What happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?' Remember that, Professor?"
"Storm, he was unhappy with that. You delivered it wrong."

Thanos meets Batman. That is all.

"Namor, I read Uncanny X-Men # 8. Great Neptune, you 'Imperius Sexed' that creature!"
"Silence! I shall brook no insult!"
"Aquaman's right. I read it. That was gross!"

DC-Marvel crossovers! I miss them. It's been a while since JLA-Avengers. By the way, that JLA-X-Men battle in All Access was kinda silly. Jean Grey vs. Superman? Yugh.

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