Friday, April 20, 2012

Wonderful Now

Ancient comic book, recent review. Thank you, Wina Puangco! Here’s what she said:

Trizh was very, very excited about this graphic novel and after being stranded at the Starbucks in Town Center for two hours waiting for my ride home, I can see why. It's a brilliant graphic novel, really. It's able to talk about taboo in a way that is casual and that you are able to relate to because it's said so simply--no big, sweeping declarations of "awesomeness". The characters are marvelously written: even the side characters have claimed my affections and those affections are not easy to claim, let me tell you. Another thing that I admire Oliver Pulumbarit for is being able to talk about these big issues (sexuality, religion) without turning it into an impersonal discussion about these gigantic, vague ideas. He was able to translate the big picture into something personal, something that you can take home with you and mull over in the shower or while painting your nails. I am, for all that I have said, speechless.This graphic novel hit the spot. <33

Please, please pick it up if you can. :) 


mots said...

sir, saan pa ko makakahanap ng copy ng sex gods? balak kong panregalo :)))

OLIVER said...

Will inform you pag okey na yung sked. :)