Friday, May 11, 2012

Cool Random $#!+ Part Eight

AvX: She-Hulk and Gambit.
"Hey, Gambit! Wanna ditch this fight and grab a beer?"
"She-Hulk, chere, I'm really good at grabbing... beer."

Bought this a week ago. Love it. There's a character and corresponding basic info per page; some photos previously appeared in the Visual Dictionaries, but that's forgivable. Most of the movie characters are in it.

"Bill, isn't the Phoenix's arrival Annihilators business?"
"Surfer, be thankful we weren't there. Bendis would have killed us off-panel in the first issue."

This thesaurus retired a few years ago. But I still use it from time to time when I'm not online.

Thor was gloating about the Avengers movie, so Superman punched him.
"In my world, it looks like the dials go up to eleven!"

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