Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Thirst Quenched, Time Drenched

Thinking openly, et cetera.

April 27. Good stuff, great stuff, and some awful stuff during the week. Must rest and drink cold, cold water.
April 27. It's interesting that some people who come off as obnoxious online are surprisingly nice people in the "real world." But there really are people who are as disappointing as their online personas...
April 27. I often wonder how different my life would've ended up if I didn't meet certain people, or if I reacted to important situations differently. In that world, I'd probably be perfect. Or a Bizarro.
April 27. Enjoying this period of not worrying about things and people.
April 28. Sumakay ako ng bus kahapon. Grabe, ambilis. Ang pinapalabas na DVD, 'Avengers.'

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