Friday, June 29, 2012

Bright June Afternoons

Musings and updates, compiled.

June 11. Ang saya ng Madagascar 3. Hindi corny.
June 15. Finally catching up on sleep. Been having weird dreams though. The one I remember was about me having a twin brother, one I supposedly met during my teen years and forgot about for some reason.
June 23. Five AvX books this week. Plus Northstar's wedding and Walking Dead. Good reads.
June 23. I like posting about my hobbies. And I'm not the type who's comfy with sharing my private life with others, so there.
June 23. As I get older, I've been thinking more and more about perfect little moments, elusive hours or minutes of complete happiness. It's a messed-up and oft-disappointing world, but I try to appreciate the better snapshots and recordings in my head more often now.
June 23. "It says here that a former SHIELD black station in the Philippines was just occupied and converted into a school by the mutant Karma. We're talking about a three hundred million dollar facility..." --unnamed White House staff member, Avengers Vs. X-Men # 6.
A SHIELD base here. Awesome.

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