Monday, June 04, 2012

Enchong acts, swims, floats

(Published June 4, PDI-Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Shortly after spiels and a brief dance number, actor-swimming champ Enchong Dee gamely dished on his onscreen and off-screen activities at a recent product launch in Jollibee, Roosevelt.

“I keep saying that I wish I could star in a biopic of Andres Bonifacio,” Dee enthused when asked about his dream role. “Ang dami-daming pelikula tungkol kay Jose Rizal,” he elaborated. “Why not make one about Andres Bonifacio? He fought for the country as much as Rizal. I’d gladly do that, given the chance; [a biopic] will last for a very long time. You have to show it to the kids who study history.”

Dee discussed his ongoing Jollibee endorsement, which includes in-store appearances and the promotion of two new float flavors. He wouldn’t be endorsing cigarettes or products he doesn’t like any time soon, he said, and that his current fitness routine isn’t very strict.

“I’m so thankful that I have no food allergies,” he said. “I’m not obsessive about my fitness regimen; I just have to move more than I eat. I’m not the kind whose weight seesaws with dieting, tataba tapos papayat… I still swim when I get the chance.”

The 23-year-old admitted that shedding his “boyish image” can be difficult, as he had gotten used to roles for younger actors.

“At the moment, those kinds of characters are easier for me,” he said. “But yes, [I’m growing as an actor]. I have to constantly improve myself; I have to learn what my job is because if I don’t, I’ll get left behind.”

The ABS-CBN talent will be appearing with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in the new teleserye “Ina, Anak, Kapatid.” He said he respects all the directors that he works with, like his old coach, and appreciates the “freedom” that acting allows him.
“In both swimming and acting, you have to be smart. Being an athlete, there’s a strategy for everything. You have to attack a certain role [differently] than the one you previously did.”

The self-proclaimed “lola’s boy” acknowledges the continuous support of his family. Dee’s parents constantly remind him to remain humble amid his success, and to respect other people in the business. “Because they’re the ones who’ll help you,” he said. “They’ll lift you up. Kung mayabang ka, they’ll laugh at you if you fall.”

As for courting 17-year-old actress Julia Montes, he revealed that his family is similarly respectful. “My mom never gets in the way even if she dislikes people who are special to me. She just gives advice. She knows how responsible Julia is, and she knows how much she loves her family. That’s the criteria of parents… it’s easy for us to appreciate.”

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