Monday, June 04, 2012

Seasons Transition

May 22. National Bookstore Shangri-La has a nice selection of comic book compilations. Invincible hardcovers, Walking Dead TPBs, Alpha Flight by Byrne, Excalibur by Davis... good, good stuff.
May 23. Watched Avengers again. Still very enjoyable.
May 26. Can't get that damn catchy Carly Jepsen song outta my head.
May 30. ♫ "They look in their book and they read, but their cold hearts say, 'Follow me.'" ♫ --Billy Bragg and Natalie Merchant, 'Bread and Circuses.'
May 30. Been a while since I dropped by a toy shop. Was surprised to see a number of obscure Green Lantern characters with bonus parts that form a Parallax (the yellow creature, not caped Hal Jordan). Saw other interesting action figures too.
May 31. Book Sale's been getting good trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Got Courtney Crumrin: League of Ordinary Gentlemen for only P130. Good prequel story.
June 1. So Alan Scott, a.k.a. the Original Green Lantern, is now gay. James Robinson couldn't introduce Obsidian as gay, so he went with the character's father. Interesting.

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