Saturday, June 16, 2012

Time Being

Status updates, compiled.

June 2. Morning Glories # 18. Wow, I always felt that one of the characters would be revealed as gay, but I didn't expect it to be THAT one. Sweet issue.
June 5. Hay, ansarap makatapos at maka-submit ng article.
June 5. Walking Dead # 98. Holy jeez. Really crazy stuff happening before the anniversary issue.
June 8. Was taught new and proper exercise techniques by a trainer. The guy was patient with me. He was actually surprised that I could lift a certain number of pounds easily already. He told me that it took 11 years for his body to get that buff.
June 10. Saw the first ep of Glee Project. I echo Zach Woodlee on the hyperactive, overeager new contestants. "Yikes," indeedy. Most of them need to dial it down.
June 10. Ran into my cousin at the gym's locker area. Last time I saw him was back in the '90s, I think. Anyway, I worked out, not as mercilessly as those other people there, but I lifted till I felt like I was about to pop a vein. I feel good.

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