Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unforgotten Era

Avengers, Circa 2001
Earth’s mightiest lineup, just before the Kang War. Years later: Warbird is Ms. Marvel again and is about to become Captain Marvel. Goliath is Giant-Man again, co-heading the Avengers Academy. Thor has died and resurrected twice in a span of a few years. Vision was destroyed by Scarlet Witch and was rebuilt by Tony Stark. Wasp is currently dead. Silverclaw is inactive. Iron Man headed SHIELD briefly. Quicksilver is one of the Academy teachers. Scarlet Witch, manipulated by Dr. Doom, killed some teammates and decimated mutantkind. Captain America heads the superhuman community. Wonder Man formed the Revengers. And Triathlon retrained under the Initiative program and became 3-D Man.

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