Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Glimpses

Status updates, compiled.

June 24. Starting to love the old, old REO Speedwagon song "Keep On Loving You."
June 28. "Patience is like bread I say. I ran out of that yesterday." ♫
June 28. Twenty years of Little Earthquakes.
June 29. Watched Amazing Spider-Man last night (or earlier today--it was a midnight screening). Enjoyed it. A solid reboot. Will write a proper review later.
June 29. Discovered that taking the MRT at 5 p.m. is not a good idea. There's no such thing as personal space. Felt like I was dry-humped by people I'll never be interested in.
July 3. Nakakasawa na 'tong ulan na 'to.
July 8. Batman na next week.

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