Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blood, Life, Eternity

Status updates.

Oct. 15. Finally finished True Blood season five. Hmm. Better than the previous season, but it isn't without really absurd scenes and subplots. Anyway, I enjoyed the Lilith-addicted Authority. They'd totally and hastily eradicate the Volturi AND the Original vamps from Mystic Falls. But they'd probably meet their match in the Angelus-Darla-Drusilla-Spike quartet.
Oct. 17. Dropped by the Walking Dead season three launch earlier. Very promising first ep. Season three's going to be really dark. Fox will be airing it starting Saturday.
Oct. 17. I used to be religious when I was younger. Attended Mass and Bible studies often. But I soon realized that they weren't for me. I wanted more. I felt that the Gods they were touting didn't benefit me spiritually, and that they were limited and limiting. So I stopped believing.
Oct. 17. Be that as it may, I've been learning to coexist with others who don't share my non-belief. Life's too short to argue about who created what, or what's waiting for us when we die. Although I do get pissed when people impose their beliefs on others.

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