Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love Machinery Part One

Cool Random $#!+, with a new title. Halloween edition!

Walking Dead press kit. And barbecue sauce freebie! It has a tag that says "It goes well with the living and the DEAD."

Official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe, monster and magic-themed editions. Werewolf looks like he’s touching Dracula’s knee on the left cover, for some reason.

Christmalloween. Peacefully coexisting decorations. 

Buffy Watcher’s Guide. Intriguing behind-the-scenes information, smart episodic analyses, and well-written essays.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula trading cards. I was so obsessed with the Francis Ford Coppola-directed movie almost 20 years ago. Bought other related merchandise like the comic adaptation, a magazine, and an effects book (which a classmate borrowed and never returned).
Reanimated characters Zombie Spawn and Deathlok.
“We got your zombie apocalypse right here!”
“Actually, it’s highly likely that a Zombie Apocalypse, that is, a zombified En Sabah Nur, exists in one of Marvel’s many realities.”

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