Monday, November 19, 2012

Essential, Incidental

Some status updates and minutiae.

Nov. 7. Listening to Boy Meets Girl's old hit Waiting For a Star to Fall. Song makes you wanna dance with the love of your life.
Nov. 10. Just watched the "Hunky Santa" music video. Haw.
Nov. 10. Dunno what Marvel Now relaunch titles I'll be getting. Exhausted from the big events. Maybe I'll rest a bit and get Essentials and TPBs. The new Avengers book drawn by Jerome Opena looks sweet, though.
Nov. 12. Yeah, the Cyclops-Emma Frost relationship had to end someday. But Bendis is writing it, so boo!
Nov. 12. Many comic book characters I grew up with, whose adventures I read religiously and happily purchased, are barely recognizable now. Sigh. These sudden reboots, revamps and relaunches are super-tiring, Marvel and DC.
Nov. 12. I really don't like the design of those water dispensers with long, protruding cylinders. And annoyingly, many people at the food court press their ill-fitting, used water bottles against those cylinders, probably oblivious that they're transferring germs on them. Ick.
Nov. 13. Feels great, sleeping off stress.

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