Friday, November 02, 2012


Some status updates.

Oct. 22. Less interested in Wolverine now that he's a hypocrite.
Oct. 22. Looking at a Christmas cookbook. Just admiring the pictures.
Oct. 26. Been reading the thick Essential X-Factor, a black and white, 22-issue compilation (the first 16 issues, plus an annual and related Thor and Power Pack issues). Still enjoyable, over two decades later.
Oct. 30. Really thankful for the deluge of greetings. Great to be alive, and to quietly celebrate another birth anniversary.
Oct. 30. Watched Wreck-It Ralph. Incredible, splendid movie.
Oct. 31. I think I've always been thankful for all I have, but moreso during my birthdays because I'm reminded of things that are unique to my life and continue to add to my growth. I'm grateful for a generous and understanding family, who bear with my headstrong and eccentric ways. I'm appreciative of talents that help express my thoughts and feelings. I'm ever-thankful for work, and the chance to have my name on things I worked on. I feel fortunate for having honest friends. I'm glad to be me.

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