Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Love Machinery Part Four

Little Earthquakes is 20 years old. The tape version kept me company during heavy traffic, until the Walkman's batteries died. Eventually ripped the songs from the CD. Still very therapeutic.
Avengers Academy. It was the only new-ish Avengers title that respected continuity while offering fresh characters and stories. This finale's especially good. The students finally confront their teachers about the secret they discovered way back in the first issue. Friendships end and evolve, and three new relationships are introduced (two of them between gay couples). Fare thee well, Avengers Academy!

Magik and Colossus.
"Merry Christmas, brother! Do you remember this issue?"
"Chyort! You are dead, monster!"

Beast and Nightcrawler.
"Nightcrawler, I'm from the future. How are you? You'll die with a robot hand sticking out of your chest."

Sergio Aragones Funnies. Cool Yule back issue. But there are two stories that aren't Christmas-y; there's a strange one about mobsters and the supernatural, and a nice tale inspired by Sergio's happy childhood.

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