Friday, December 14, 2012

Love Machinery, Five

Thanks for this very cool alarm clock, Disney!

Wolverine, reminiscing:
"Look at that, X-Men # 205. I was really something. Threatening to stab a kid in a Code-era book. By the way, that's Katie Power, honorary X-Man. Yup, look it up, kiddies, she was even wearing the X-jacket Kitty gave her. Anyway, that was a nice sort'a Christmas issue, with the bloody Deathstrike beatdown and all! Those were the days. Now I'm all self-righteous and sh*t."

Santa Claustrophobia! Very cool book by Mike Reiss and David Catrow. Stressed-out Santa takes a vaycay. Cupid, Pumpkinhead, and the April Fool, among other holiday and cultural icons, help deliver his gifts. Dang funny stuff.

Santa head sculpted and painted by the late, great Nick Manabat, given to me by his family in the '90s.

Havok on Uncanny X-Men # 228, 1988.
"Shortly after we took over the Reavers' base in Australia, Longshot 'read' all the loot with his psychometry. We played Santa all over the world; we returned the stolen stuff. After the adventure, Ali got a bike, and Gateway got a slice of cake and a flute. We don't have fun, standalone stories like this anymore!"

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