Friday, December 14, 2012

Telling the Drama

Some status updates and minutiae.

Nov. 30. Just got my 12,000th DeviantArt fave and 201st Watcher. Woohoo!
Dec. 3. Malapit na ang The Hobbit.
Dec. 3. Solar TV (Jack TV, Jack City, ETC, etc.), since no one else seems interested in airing Doctor Who in this region, please get the rights to air it. It would be great if you can show the previous seasons back to back and match-air newer episodes and Christmas specials.
Dec. 3. Wow, just a few weeks of 2012 left. The year just sped by.
Dec. 4. Sawa na sa mga kaherang di marunong magbilang at mga taong walang koordinasyon. Ayoko nang maasar.
Dec. 6. Great that The Walking Dead is still unpredictable, and introducing characters and scenarios exclusive to the show.
Dec. 10. The 8list site's link to my article calls me a "hardcore geek." Wearing that one like a badge.

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